Private Rehab Support Continues Beyond Recovery to Prevent Replases

Understanding addiction

While the number of people with drug or alcohol addictions is increasing, it can be almost impossible to end the habit and stay sober on your own, without support. It’s not an individual problem and there are practically no individual solutions. Drug rehab support for people who are trying to put their lives together again takes them through all the stages, from detox to recovery and beyond. In fact, one of the advantages of private rehab over government rehab is that long term support continues even after the treatment, greatly reducing the risks of relapse.

The increasing risks of substance abuse
Addiction is dangerous, and the numbers of those with addictions to drugs and alcoholare increasing. Alcohol is the third leading cause of death and injury worldwide. And unfortunately, as the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) reports, Canadians lead the rest of the world in alcohol consumption by a large margin. Their consumption of alcohol is over 50% higher than the global average.
The consequences of any kind of substance addiction can be fatal. The statistics are sobering and show that 47,000 people die in Canada each year due to substance abuse. The risks of drug abuse are much higher for women, and they are more than twice as likely to suffer premature death because of an addiction.

Substance abuse harms individuals and society
Drug abuse is both an individual and a social problem. For individuals, it means losing control of your life, work and relationships. You find yourself in a downward spiral with a very little chance of stopping. Once you’ve decided to quit, you need help from those who have the experience and knowledge to see you all the way through the process.
The social costs of substance abuse are manifested in terms of healthcare costs. In Canada, these amount to $8 billion a year. For businesses, they lead to loss of productivity and working hours. On the roads, drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol are a danger to themselves and others. Deaths in traffic accidents caused by drivers under the influence are also part of the social costs of addiction. .

Addiction is caused by factors beyond your control
In the majority of cases, substance abuse is linked to problems, conditions and situations over which the individual has no control, or very little control. Substance abuse is linked to mental illness, and people with a diagnosed mental illness are twice as likely than the general population to abuse drugs.
Addictions start very early in life, and most new users are teenagers under the age of eighteen. Likewise the vast majority of mental health problems begin at an early age, during childhood or adolescence.

Private rehab support continues after recovery
Private drug rehab centers have several advantages over government inpatient drug rehab. While government drug rehab centers offer excellent services, there can be a long delay while waiting for a space. In cases where substance abuse is connected with serious health problems, any delays can have serious consequences.
Delays can also lead to a loss of motivation, which again can be disastrous. It is the individual’s determination to recover that plays a crucial role in drug rehab.Private drug rehab support has other benefits, like separate rooms, yoga and massage therapy, and continuing rehab support.

Given these parameters, recovery from drug and substance abuse is not something that can be achieved without drug rehab support. To prevent relapses, support must continue after recovery. For this reason, many people prefer private drug rehab.

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