Why Wait? An Urgent Care Facility Can See You Now

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Do you like waiting in your doctor’s office? Even when the reason for your visit is routine, the wait can be both frustrating and boring. The magazines are outdated, you are very likely in some sort of discomfort, and the whole process takes time away from your day. Barring the emergency room, it may seem as though there is no other choice. That is where you are wrong: an urgency care facility could provide the minor medical care you need, maybe even in less time.

Please Check-In 10 Minutes Prior to Your Appointment (So That You Can Sit In the Waiting Room For 30).

If you are not familiar with the term, you might wonder, “What is urgent care?” An urgent care facility is a center where patients can receive minor medical care when their regular physician is not available. It is not the same as an emergency room. The difference between an urgent concern and an emergency is simple: an emergency is when life or limb will be lost if the ailment or physical injury are not seen to immediately. An urgent concern is an ailment or physical injury that needs medical attention, but does not seem potentially fatal. An urgent care facility typically has a much shorter wait time than the emergency room. In one study, about 60% of surveyed facilities were found to have a wait time of less than 15 minutes. The shorter wait time may be attributed to 65% having a doctor on the premises from opening to closing.

Need an IV Drip? They Can Do That!

Sometimes, we become very dehydrated from our illnesses. For some people, they may find themselves more predisposed to this problem based on their past medical history. Illnesses such as the flu, food poisoning, tonsillitis, etc. where the patient may have trouble holding on to liquids or pain while swallowing may become dehydrated and require the assistance of an intravenous drip. About 70% of urgent care facilities are able to easily offer their patients an IV drip to administer hydration or medicine.

Is That Arm Broken?

It is every parent’s fear: their child falls just short of completing a leap off the couch and lands badly on an ankle, shoulder, or wrist. Or maybe it is you who falls unexpectedly, after forgetting to check the safety latch on the ladder or missing that last step on the stairs. It can be difficult to tell at times if a bone is broken, especially when it is a closed fracture with no broken skin. You know it needs immediate attention, but would prefer not sitting in a crowded emergency room for who knows how long. How about instead, you search for the nearest urgent care facility? About 80% can reset a fracture, so make sure you confirm before showing up. The nurses and doctors there are facing less serious cases than the emergency room.

Being sick or injured is never a good time for anyone. Waiting a long time to receive a diagnosis and treatment makes it worse. Before you spend hours in the emergency room, or debate about waiting for an appointment with your primary care physician, consider an urgent care facility. It cannot hurt you anymore than you already do. Or better yet, familiarize yourself with your nearest facility now, before you need them. That way, when disaster strikes, you will know exactly where to go.

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