Surprising Conditions That Massage Therapy Can Alleviate

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Most people tend to think of getting a massage as the ultimate symbol of luxury and relaxation. But the truth is that the art of massage can provide relief for an astounding number of painful conditions. The benefits of massage therapy are abundant: therapeutic massage can improve circulation, ease nerve compression, aid in increased flexibility, and boost your energy. Most of all, it can also significantly reduce both physical and emotional pain for those suffering from countless ailments. You may not even realize some of the ailments that can be helped by medical massage! Here are just a few:

  • Diabetes
    Diabetes sufferers often experience fascial stiffening around their muscles and organs. This can be uncomfortable or even painful. But by using massage therapy for diabetes, patients typically enjoy a better range of joint motion and improved mobility, as well as a reduction of muscle stiffness. In addition, the improved blood circulation may lead to more efficient production and utilization of insulin in the body, which is key for diabetes patients.
  • Carpal Tunnel
    Carpal Tunnel occurs when nerves inside the wrist are overused or become damaged, resulting in numbness, tingling, problems with grip, or pain. Medical massage that focuses on the areas of the wrists, arms, and shoulders can help to eliminate pain by softening and lengthening the forearm and fascia. This eliminates any inflammation and thus the pain and numbness that go along with it. While you’ll also need to modify the behaviors that led to the syndrome’s onset, this is typically a much more effective way to deal with its effects than surgery or immobilization.
  • Migraines
    Migraines can be debilitating and disruptive. But for those who suffer from these headaches frequently, one solution can be massage therapy for pain management. Although the causes of migraines are somewhat mysterious, stress and physical tension are often two contributing factors to their onset. Research has shown that medical massage therapy decreases the occurrence of these headaches, as well as sleep disturbances and symptoms of stress. Interestingly, massage therapy was also found to increase serotonin levels in adults who suffer from migraines! Medical massages can help to reduce stress, relax muscles around the head and neck, and alleviate pressure on the nerves that often become inflamed and lead to headache formation. Some migraine sufferers report that their headaches are connected to a lack of sleep, so it’s fortunate that massage therapy can also help patients sleep better, too!
  • Depression and Anxiety
    Although we don’t think of depression or anxiety as physical disorders, they can certainly have a huge physical impact on our bodies. More often than not, these conditions impact us in a multitude of ways. If you’re feeling fatigued, overwhelmed, distracted, stressed, anxious, sad, or any type of pain (physical or emotional), medical massage can help you. Massage therapy simultaneously reduces your cortisol levels — which is a chemical your body produces when you’re stressed — and increases both serotonin and dopamine, which can help to stabilize your mood. Whether you’ve been diagnosed with one of these conditions or are just in the midst of an emotional struggle, getting a massage can help reset your system.

Have you ever been helped by getting a massage? Were you surprised to find out that massage therapy can help treat these conditions? To find out more about how you might be helped by therapeutic massage, contact a massage therapy specialist in your area.

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