Why vaccines are so important!

As parents you are stuck making challenging decisions that could be life altering in the long run. Whether it is choosing to breastfeed or not, selecting preschools or choosing whether or not to vaccinate these decisions are ones not to be made lightly. Vaccinations have been around for many years for multiple illnesses and could keep your child safe from very harmful diseases. There has been a lot of hype from those who choose not to vaccinate and they have swayed numerous people from getting their child vaccinated. Vaccines for children can save lives, here is why skipping them is not a good idea.

Vaccinations have taken diseases like measles, mumps, chickenpox and many more out of circulation from the schools and communities around the world. Children have very rarely come into contact with such illnesses and any that have been noted have not been vaccinated. There have been spikes in these illnesses where there are anti-vaccination communities and groups causing concern around many parts of the world. Vaccines for children have kept control of these diseases and kept our children out of the hospital which has been very welcomed by all parents.

Vaccinations have very little to no side effects for most children who receive them. In some very rare cases there have been slight allergic reactions but this is not common. The most common side effect is redness around the injection sight, swelling, soreness, and fever. These mild symptoms can be taken down with a small does of tylenol or advil where as the long term effects will protect the child from harmful illnesses that can cause much more damaging problems later in life. Many places will not allow your child to attend if they have not been vaccinated, certain schools, educational institutions, daycares, and much more.

Children come across so many nasty illnesses already it just makes sense to protect them with vaccines for children from the ones that have even harsher consequences. In 2016, around 90 percent of U.S. children of vaccination age received vaccines against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR). Make an appointment at your local pediatrician or family doctor to discuss getting your childs vaccinations completed or caught up before they come in contact with a deadly disease.

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