What to Know about Hospice Care

In this video, President Karen Rubel talks about the oldest, largest, and NGO Nathan Adelson hospice services. Hospice provides a team of professionals that provide personal, emotional, spiritual, and social care to patients.

Hospice services are essential and provide special compassionate care to individuals suffering from terminal or incurable illnesses to improve the quality of their life.

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When someone is receiving hospice care, the focus is on treating the symptoms of the disease than curing it. Every hospice center has a team of skilled professionals who work together to help manage patients’ symptoms to help the person experience love and dignity in their last days.

The decision to choose hospice services is made by the patient and their family. An individual or a family member can request hospice services when they feel that the treatment is no longer working or they have run out of treatment options.

Hospice services can be provided at home, in a hospital, or in an inpatient hospice center. If hospice care is being provided outside the home, regular family meetings are scheduled to allow family members to share their feelings, receive support and also relieve stress.

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