What is Neuropathy?

We hear the word ” neuropathy” thrown around quite a bit in the medical field, but what does it actually mean? A neuropathy is deeply connected with the nervous system, which controls how we move, feel, and experience pain. Peripheral nerves carry information to the nerves in our fingertips, toes, and the furthest part of our physical bodies. In this video, we will earn exactly what a neuropathy is and what symptoms it presents.

While motor nerves carry information from the brain to the body to tell it what to do, sensory nerves bring information back to the brain, telling it what things feel like and where our limbs are located in space. This is fundamentally how we move and function.

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A neuropathy is a medical condition in which the peripheral nerves are damaged, disrupting this connection between the brain and hands and feet. You may feel pain in your fingers, or feel like you are walking on pins and needles, for no plausible reason. Sometimes a neuropathy is caused by genetics, but other times it is caused by a vitamin imbalance, an extended exposure to alcohol, or chemotherapy.


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