Urgent Care Centers Can Offer Patients Comprehensive Medical Care

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Sometimes you need comprehensive care outside of your primary care physician’s office. This is when an urgent care locations can be a helpful solution. About 3 million Americans seem to agree as that is the number of patients visiting a center each week, at least according to the Urgent Care Association of America. The number of patients is high because people know that they can receive quality care from their nearest urgent care locations, and here’s why.

For When You Need Consistent and Comprehensive Care: What Does Urgent Care Offer?

As the American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine website states, “Urgent Care Medicine (UCM) is the provision of immediate medical service offering outpatient care for the treatment of acute and chronic illness and injury.” The AAUCM makes the distinction that urgent care locations differ from other specialized options in that the specialist can order more detailed tests than an urgent care physician can. All facilities do offer multicare options, but as a more general or initial approach.

Fracture Care: Get That Sprained Ankle or Broken Arm Set Properly.

A fracture, whether compound or open, needs immediate attention. There is always the danger that the bones will begin to heal at an incorrect angle. While some might balk at the thought of waiting for hours, yet know the urgency, they’re in luck. About 80%, or four out of five, urgent care locations are able to treat fractures. Also, about 85% are open all seven days of the week. So if your child has a severe accident on a Saturday morning they’ll be able to receive care quickly.

If you’re one of the 25,000 people every day who sprain their ankle, you can have it checked to make sure it receives the correct attention. Too often, adults brush off the pain of a rolled ankle and go about their day. These kinds of small injuries can be treated at urgent care centers, without the need to make an appointment ahead of time. Keep that in mind the next time you experience a small mishap at home.

Upper Respiratory Infections: What to Do When You Just Need a Quick Diagnosis.

Every year, as many as 1 billion people will suffer from at least one cold. But very often, adults have trouble distinguishing a cold from an illness that requires more serious medication. Somewhere between 5% and 20% of the population contracts the flu, and the numbers differ depending on how bad flu season was that year.

When there are children involved, things become even more stressful. A child with sniffles isn’t a big concern, but a small child with a fever is a concern. As children typically fall ill outside of regular physician office hours, you may have the added stress of getting your child in to be seen for a diagnosis quickly. If it is difficult to get an appointment at your usual medical office one of the urgent care locations might be of service, especially if you need a doctor’s note for school or work.

How Do I Know I’m Receiving Good Medical Care?

Most urgent care locations are run by physicians with a team of nurses. Many even have a physician onsite all the time. This allows these locations to offer more specialized medical care. Patients do most often go to their urgent care facility for a common cold or maybe a sprained ankle, but that is certainly not all the conditions that these locations are able to treat. They might offer: x-rays; EKG; strep testing; drug screening; pregnancy testing; STD testing; blood tests; and urinalysis. Now, these facilities do offer initial care that can help you receive a diagnosis, but more in-depth testing does require a different facility such as the hospital.

The urgent care center offers a level of care that many patients are unable to get somewhere else, whether due to the time of day, the day of the week, or their medical insurance. Perhaps the urgent care center offers faster diagnosis. The next time you’re experiencing an urgent ailment, consider making a trip to your nearest location.

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