Two Super Essential Things to Know About Vape Juice

Vaping has become a popular alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. It seems more and more people are turning to local vape shops for their nicotine fix and for a new and more relaxed way to smoke.

One popular device gaining popularity is the portable must vape, a sleek and easy-to-use device. Another popular option is the spark vape pen, which offers a discreet and portable way to vape while on the go. For those who prefer a vaping experience that is basic and straightforward, the one hitter vaporizer is a smart choice. This device resembles a traditional one-hitter pipe, uses vape juice rather than traditional herbs and resins.

Both discreet and easy, pretty vape products are a great alternative to smoking. Vaping is both a fashion statement and a way to break addiction’s chains. Many people start vaping to wean themselves off nicotine and more harmful forms of smoking.
While there are some benefits to vaping as an alternative to smoking, it is not risk-free.
Nicotine addiction, lung damage, and other health issues can still occur with vaping. It is still possible to get addicted to vape juices and products, so care should always be exercised.

Flavorful vapors

When it comes to new trends, few have spread as rapidly as vaping. Though many regard it as an alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, the vaping community extends pretty far beyond just those looking to drop the habit. In fact, there was almost a 10,000 store increase in the number of vaporizer shops in the United States in a single year, which speaks to vaping’s rapid growth and popularity.

Vaping is, again, not smoking. Nothing burns, there is no flame, and there is no smoke. Vaporizers rather create clouds of vapor through the heating of e liquid juice. Vape juice does not necessarily contain nicotine and is typically comprised of vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol (which are both substances found in foods we eat), water, and often flavoring. Here are a couple of decisions to make when it comes to your vape e juice.

1. Flavor
One of the reasons vaping has become so popular is that there’s a pretty vast selection flavors for e liquid juice. These range from fruity flavors like berry or apple to things like chocolate, vanilla, or even menthol. These can be mixed to create flavor combinations and some juices are specifically made to have new but delicious flavors with names like Purple Haze, Red Riding Hood, and Cherry Cola.

2. PG vs. VG
The other major ingredient is either propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG), which both offer a different vaping experience. PG is the more popular option, likely because it’s a thinner substance that doesn’t accumulate as much on the inside of vaping devices. It is also flavorless, which means that it doesn’t change the taste of a juice flavor. VG on the other hand is less popular, but offers more of a throat hit. It is thicker, however, and does have a slightly sweet taste.

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