5 Times You Should Go to Urgent Care

Medical walk in clinic

Going to see your doctor is extremely important in order to improve and maintain your health. There are times, however, that make going to your doctor no longer an option. Perhaps you work during your doctor office’s hours of operation and cannot get time off of work. Maybe you are experiencing pain or illness that came on suddenly, after-hours, and you still need to see a doctor. While there are certain scenarios that may warrant heading to the emergency room, you may also want to consider Urgent Care.

When You are Experiencing Pain or Illness and Your Doctor’s Office is Closed
If you find yourself suddenly experiencing pain or illness that is not serious enough for the ER and your doctor’s office is closed, you may want to consider heading to an urgent care center. By law, Urgent Care centers in the United States are required to be open 7 days a week. Many Urgent Care Centers are also After Hours Urgent Care Centers and remain open past the usual doctor’s office hours. Some urgent care centers remain open until 7pm or later.

When You Need Drug-Testing for Employment
Many employers now require drug testing as a condition for employment. Having to schedule an appointment at your doctor’s office may take longer than your employer gives you. About 69.3% of urgent care centers offer these services and will likely be able to fit you in quicker than your doctor.

When You are Experiencing Musculoskeletal Issues
If you are experiencing musculoskeletal issues such as back pain and sprains, you may want to head to your urgent care center. Many times, these pains do not feel serious enough to take off of work and schedule a doctor’s appointment. However, in order to avoid further injury, it’s best to take care of them. Instead of taking time off work and scheduling a doctor’s appointment, head to your urgent care center. About 89.8% of urgent care centers can treat musculoskeletal issues.

When You Are Experiencing Multiple Problems
Unlike specialists, urgent care centers can offer treatment for a range of illnesses during one visit. Advanced urgent care centers may not only offer antibiotics, pain medication, and blood testing, but also X-Rays and other high-level forms of treatment.

When You Need to Save Money
Unlike specialists or emergency department visits, a trip to a low cost medical clinic typically does not break the bank. While a typical ER visit costs about $1500, a low cost medical clinic can cost under $150. While it is important to recognize when your symptoms are serious enough to warrant a trip to the ER, if you are experiencing minor symptoms, you may want to consider a trip to the low cost medical clinic instead.

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