Three Proven Health Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy You Need to Know About

Necrosis of the jaw

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy — a medical treatment that involves inhaling 100% oxygen inside a full-body hyperbaric chamber to enhance the body’s natural healing processes and abilities — is quickly becoming a popular way for people to treat their various health conditions and feel better every day.

When inhaled, this extra oxygen dramatically enhances the ability of one’s white blood cells to fight off bacteria and reduce inflammation. It’s a simple, comfortable, non-invasive way to treat illness.

You might actually be amazed at all the health benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Currently, this FDA-approved therapy is recognized as a reimbursable treatment for 14 chronic health conditions by Medicare. Here are just three of the many health conditions that hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment helps alleviate:

Lyme disease

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment is one of the more effective methods of chronic lyme disease treatment. Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that causes muscle and joint inflammation as well as heart disease and a compromised nervous system. While undergoing chronic lyme disease treatment in hyperbaric oxygen chambers, patients report having better overall health than they had while taking traditional antibiotics.

Reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD)

Another one of the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is its ability to alleviate RSD, a chronic pain disorder that makes afflicted patients sensitive to light touch and experience swelling, skin color and temperature changes, weakness and a variety of other symptoms. Hyperbaric oxygen treatments reduce these symptoms and alleviate pain by providing oxygen to tissues that had been deprived of oxygen due to muscular swelling. It is a very effective treatment for RSD pain.


Approximately 33.2 million throughout the world have been diagnosed with HIV or AIDS, two chronic and deadly autoimmune disorders. HIV/AIDS patients who have undergone hyperbaric oxygen therapy have reported feeling relief from the debilitating fatigue associated with these conditions.

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