Testosterone Replacement Therapy What You Need to Know

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For men with low testosterone, living day-to-day life can be a struggle. When men have lower than normal testosterone levels, serious physical and mental complications can arise. Increased body fat, decreased strength, lowered libido, high blood pressure, poor sleep, chronic fatigue, and depression are just some of the symptoms patients of low testosterone face. There is even some evidence to suggest that testosterone deficiency can lower life expectancy.

Perhaps more troubling than the symptoms of low testosterone is that a majority of men with poor testosterone levels do not seek treatment. Only 10% of patients end up seeking treatment, and given that 13 million American men are thought to suffer from low testosterone, that means that more than 11 million Americans that should seek treatment do not!

Fortunately, there are treatments available to combat low testosterone. One of the most popular treatments, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), has been shown to noticeably improve the conditions of patients. What is TRT? Testosterone replacement therapy involves administering synthetic testosterone into the body. The testosterone can be administered via syringe, medication, gels, or even tiny pellets that are embedded under the skin! Regardless of its administration, testosterone replacement therapy has been proven to improve the symptoms of low testosterone, providing much-needed relief for millions of American men — and, for that matter, men around the world.

Many doctors and specialists provide TRT for patients. In fact, many clinics offer special payment plans and other financial options for patients with a limited amount of funds. Many healthcare providers, in addition, will cover TRT. There is no reason why patients with low testosterone should delay a visit to the doctor. If you or anyone you know notice symptoms of low testosterone, get yourself tested immediately. The longer you or someone you know waits, the worse the symptoms will become.

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