Taking Stock of Your Positive Contributions Can Help You Face a Challenging Work Environment

Burnout symptoms

You have not always been the kind of persona who is good at finding your own strengths. You have nor, for instance, not always taken the time to evaluate yourself after a job interview or a performance review. As a result, you often rely on other people telling you what went well on a project you have just competed. You often, in fact, seem too eager to ask your supervisors what you can do to improve. You want to know how you can better prepare for the next assignment, but you always make yourself look vulnerable in the process. This low self esteem often adds to the workplace stress that you experience.
You have had a few managers in the past who have been very good about helping you realize your own strengths. There have even been a few who have taken the time to send you a handwritten thank you note for a job well done. Unfortunately, the number of people who are willing to take the time to build their employees up are often few and far between. Without strong managers, many people fall victim to workplace stress and exhibit signs of job burnout, as well as signs of emotional exhaustion.
Understanding the Causes of Workplace Anger and Workplace Stress Can Help You Achieve Work-Life Balance
If every worker would take the time to create a study sheet to remind themselves about what their strengths are at the beginning of every day, this would be a valuable tool. Both before a job interview and before the start of a difficult day compiling a study sheet of your strengths could help you start your day with the right attitude. A study sheet that reminded you of previous brilliant ideas that have been celebrated at work and information about your short and long term goals can help you start with a positive focus whenever you are starting a new day.
Unfortunately, in the fast and furious pace of many jobs, evaluating strengths can be a challenge. As a result too many people get weighted down by workplace stress and let it turn to anger. The fact that workplace stress causes approximately one million U.S. employees to miss work each day is an indicator that more employers need to do more to help their workers remain positive. In fact, companies that realize that 66% of both men and women indicate work has a significant impact on their stress level can work to decrease the 25% of workers who indicate that they have called in sick or taken a ?mental health day? as a result of work stress.

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