Important Health Considerations As You Age

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There are a few crucial points in our life when healthier eating and hormonal balance are extremely important. The first is as a baby, when we are growing and developing at a rapid pace. The other is as we age. As we get older, our bodies begin absorbing vitamins and other necessary nutrients at a slower pace. We may put off exercising and eating healthy, which further affects our body?s ability to remain healthy. A well balanced diet and antioxidant supplements are some of the most things we can do for our aging bodies. Additionally, the following health steps are also important.

Regular physician checkups Because our body?s slow down on the absorption of necessary nutrients and vitamins, it is important to have these levels checked frequently. You will find that your physician?s appointments require more blood draws, for this reason. Your physician can help you to monitor your levels, and can notify you when you need to take additional vitamins or hormonal balance supplements. They may even recommend specific top menopause supplements or vitamin supplements.

With so many vitamins and supplements on the market today, it can be extremely helpful to have feedback from someone who is aware of your specific medical conditions and needs. Sales of all dietary supplements in the United States totaled an estimated $36.7 billion in 2014. This amount included $14.3 billion for all vitamin and mineral containing supplements, of which $5.7 billion was for MVMs. With about two thirds of American adults taking at least one dietary supplement, most often multivitamin or mineral pills, the vitamin industry is only expected to grow.

Eat healthier Eating healthier may seem difficult to do on a regular basis, especially if you have a busy schedule. However, vitamins and nutrients from foods are better absorbed than in supplement form. If your blood work is showing severe deficiencies in necessary nutrients or large hormonal imbalances, you may want to work with a nutritionist who can ensure that you are eating the best foods to level out your hormonal support. A nutritionist can also find easier and more convenient ways to incorporate these needed foods into your daily diet, while also giving you the ability and knowledge needed to properly track this information.

Exercise Exercise may seem more difficult as we age. It causes more aches and pains and more difficult to get motivated than when we were younger. However, exercise is extremely important. Physical activity (or exercise) only accounts for about 20% of total energy expenditure (although it could be up to 50% in a very physically active person, and even less than 20% in a sedentary person), and the thermic effect of food (or diet induced thermogenesis) is 10%. This imbalance can affect your hormone levels and weight gain or loss.

Medical conditions Some medical conditions can further affect hormone balances and effective nutrient absorption. Menopause, for example, can throw the hormones completely off, making you feel like a different person. Some of the top menopause supplements, however, have the ability to gain better control of these hormones. Top menopause supplements need to be taken daily and may be more successful if they are started at the first sign of menopause.

Illness recovery The older we get, the longer it seems our bodies take to get over an illness. If you experience a rough cold or flu, consider a healthy detoxification cleanse. Eat even healthier during this time and take the best antioxidant vitamins. Continue to take the antioxidant vitamins after your illness, to further prevent additional illnesses from slowing down the recovery. If you are on menopause or other supplements, continue to take your top menopause supplements during this time as you do not want to change any other aspect of your bodies functioning.

As we age, our bodies slow down and require more nutrients for energy. We find that it is more difficult to get over illnesses. We may also find that our hormones affect how we feel. Many of the negative symptoms of aging can be controlled with hormonal and vitamin supplements. Always work with your physician on the vitamin supplement routine that is best for you and your specific needs.

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