Medical Weight Loss Programs Can Help With Sustainable Weight Loss

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It’s no secret that many people are concerned about their weight. This concern isn’t limited to just America, either — people worldwide are turning to doctors, pills, diets, and combinations of the three. However, not all these methods always prove safe, as several recent incidents in China have proven.

In Changzhou, China, one bride died right before her wedding day. Doctors said that her death, at age 28, was thanks to diet pills she had bought online. Her heard had stopped. Another user reported feeling headaches and ending up in the hospital in critical condition.

According to Lu Chenquian, who works with the Chinese Center For Disease Prevention, “Legal weight reduction products may not produce instant results, that’s why some producers add illegal chemicals into their formulas.” Both women had purchased their pills online. Often, everything from lot numbers to health permits are faked when it comes to internet pills, making it even harder for consumers to locate the truth.

What can people do if they really want to lose weight, but not risk their life to do so? There are several options available for people who have tried many systems and methods, but haven’t found something that works yet.

Medical weight loss centers can be a useful resource for many individuals. The problem with diets is that they encourage a “short term” mentality toward weight loss. In reality, sustainable weight loss can’t be achieved through cutting out carbs for a couple weeks. Instead, many people need to be educated about how to change their overall eating habits and exercise routines. Although some changes are difficult to make, many are easier than most people may anticipate.

Medical weight loss programs can help people to receive continual support and information while on their weight loss journey. It’s a good idea to consult with a medical professional while trying to lose weight. It can be tempting to simply cut the majority of calories out of your diet and try to quickly lose weight. However, this can be both dangerous and pointless at the same time — when people lose weight too quickly from starvation dieting, they typically gain it back within several months.

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