Urgent care facilities offer unmatched convenience

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Urgent care facilities are an integral component of the health care system. Urgent care 24 hours centers are meant to provide medical attention to those patients who require rapid service, but whose conditions are not serious enough for an emergency room visit. These clinics are extremely useful, and primarily intended to decrease the burden of patients on emergency rooms by treating non life threatening situations. It is a rapidly growing and important industry in the United States, with approximately three million patients visiting urgent care every week and an estimated 6800 urgent care 24 hours centers across the country.

A 24 hour walk in clinic is extremely useful, beneficial, and convenient for patients. It is typically much easier to make a trip to your local urgent care center if you need immediate attention, rather than attempting to see your primary care physician. Regular physicians are typically tough to see in urgent situations because they have regular office hours, see patients throughout the day, and typically require a scheduled appointment. One of the primary reasons urgent care 24 hours centers are becoming more popular is the large patient loads most primary care physicians have. This leads to long wait times, difficulty scheduling appointments, and less time spent with each patient. The Urgent Care Association of America conducted a survey that reported 57 percent of patients wait 15 minutes or less, and an estimated 80 percent of visits are 60 minutes or less. This is a great perk of a walk in health clinic because they allow patients to be seen and treated quickly with no hassles when their condition requires attention.

Many different types of conditions are able to be treated at a urgent care 24 hours clinic. Some of the most common include fractures, sprains, upper respiratory illnesses, food poising, concussions, and lacerations. There are all situations that require immediate attention, which is why after hours urgent care facilities are so useful and convenient. Whenever a situation occurs which requires quick attention, no matter what time of day, an urgent care facility will be able to help. How do you feel about urgent care facilities compared to your local physician? Let us know your opinion in the comments section! Get more here: doctorsexpresscherrycreek.com

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