How Bad Can the Symptoms of Fibroid Cysts Be?

Uterine fibroid surgery

The type of symptoms of fibroid cysts and the severity of them largely depend on the size and placement of the tumors. While some women may be able to live perfectly fine without ever needing uterine fibroid treatments, others may need to undergo more serious uterine fibroid surgery. Here’s what you should know about the wide range of symptoms of fibroid cysts.

There Are No Symptoms of Fibroid Cysts.

In the overwhelming majority cases, there are no signs and symptoms of fibroids. Many women who have fibroids never even realize that they have them, and are perfectly capable of living their lives without ever needing to review their uterine fibroids treatment options.

There’s Some Abnormal Bleeding and Perhaps Some Pain.

Unfortunately though, that is not always the case. Some women may experience some of the minor symptoms of fibroid cysts, depending on the size of the tumors and the place where they develop. Fortunatley, these symptoms of fibroid cysts are still minor enough to be controlled by medicinal fibroid treatments. Some birth control medications can help control abnormal bleeding, and ibuprofen or acetaminophen can be used to deal with the pain.

The Symptoms of Fibroid Cysts Have Gotten Too Severe.

In the worst cases, some women may experience such symptoms of fibroid cysts as abdominal pressure, lower back pain, bowel issues, and even pain during intercourse. These symptoms are often too severe to be lived with, and need to be dealt with. Luckily, there are non-invasive fibroid treatments that reduce the size of the tumors, or remove them outright. However, the fibroids can go grow back, and the problem can start all over again. In the worst cases, uterine fibroid surgery may be needed to remove the uterus to ensure that the problem is dealt with.

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