Have You Ever Worked with a Personal Trainer?

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One day at the new job was all it took to let you know that you were going to receive many rewards from this long term substitute teaching assignment. As a six week substitute in the young adult program for 18 to 21 developmentally challenged students, the job includes a variety of aspects. While you knew that you would love the opportunity to work with these young adults on both academic and life skills tasks, you had not imagined that you would also enjoy the opportunity for physical activity as well. On that very first day you were able to walk around the high school track for 45 minutes while several of the students were outside for their daily fitness time. Right after lunch, you were also part of the adults who accompanied another group of students to a yoga class at a local fitness center.
By the end of the third week, you were starting to see results from at least 45 minutes of physical activity a day. So much so, in fact, that when the substitute teaching assignment was over you decided to find a personal fitness training program to stay on track.
Unfortunately, fewer than 5% of adults participate in the recommended 30 minutes of physical activity each day. Even more alarming, more than 80% of adults do not meet the guidelines for suggested aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities. If extra motivation is what you need to keep you physically active, a personal fitness trainer may be just what you need to get on a great schedule. Whether you are looking for training workouts or weight training sessions, a personal fitness training center can help you find an exercise expert to help you reach your goals.
Personal training experts and other exercise researchers have long known that an inactive lifestyle can lead to many problems. Sitting still for more than 11 hours per day, for example, raises the chance for premature death by 40% compared to those who sit fewer than four hours per day. An active lifestyle, on the other hand, can help many people avoid problems. Blood pressure, for instance, can be decreased by approximately 75% by exercising regularly. In fact, for those people over 40 who remain active, their risk of stroke is reduced by 50% compared to those who become or remain inactive.
Some people have the motivation and dedication to exercise everyday on their own. Other people, find much greater success when they have the guidance of a personal fitness training expert. Either way, exercise is important for everyone.

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