The Biggest Threat To Our Health That No One Is Talking About

How to block emf

There is an ever-present threat in our midst that is as ubiquitous as lead was 30 years ago, and as ignored as lead was 30 years ago. This threat has been acknowledged as such by the U.N. and the WHO, and yet somehow has not become a normalized topic of urgent conversation.
We are talking about electromagnetic field, or EMF hazards. EMF dangers can take many forms, and have been linked to a variety of symptoms including headache, irritation, problems with attention, decreased sperm count, and even cancer. If you are concerned by EMF dangers, become more conscious and try to avoid the following things:
1. Laptop radiation. If you sit with your lap top on your chest or are frequently close to it, stop that right now! Get a protective rubber case in between you and the laptop immediately or better yet an EMF shield to help mitigate some of the EMF dangers associated with this. EMF shields are specially designed to handle laptop radiation effects and other hazards.
2. That darned microwave. Microwaves are such a part of our normal lives that it’s easy to forget that what goes on in a microwave would be lethal to the human body within seconds. As it is, the residual wave radiation may very well be lethal on a long term scale. If you want to protect yourself but also still want your pizza rolls, consider investing in an EMF blocker designed for microwaves.
3. Cell phones. In a particularly terrifying study, it was shown that children whose mothers had been exposed to cell phone radiation during typical usage had many more emotional and behavioral problems than their counterparts whose mothers refrained from cell phone usage. Please protect your children before they are born by limiting your cell phone use during pregnancy or investigating EMF shielding techniques.
4.Cell towers and high tension wire. We once spoke to a school administrator who casually mentioned that he was really happy because his high school had just hammered out a deal with an electric company. They would allow the electric company to build on some of the school’s land, and in return the company would underwrite a ton of after school programs. We seriously had to bite our tongues, because while after school programs are great, they mean nothing if the hazards caused by high tension wire and the power plant next door are putting school children at risk!
We need to take this seriously. It is our hope that one day, EMF radiation consciousness will reach the levels of awareness that are now associated with drunk driving or texting while driving. To do that, we need your help. Talk to people about this. Look into EMF blockers and how to reduce your dependency on electronic devices. Become part of the solution…because soon this is going to be everyone’s problem.

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