Global Coalition of Concerned Scientists Asks for Formal Studies on Long-Term Exposure to Wifi

Emf blocker

Although the focus of recent research into possible long-term EMF dangers — health conditions caused by or exacerbated by prolonged exposure to electronic devices like cell phones and laptops — has been on potential dangers to industrial workers, broad concern lingers on the part of citizen and parent groups. EMF dangers may be linked to increased brain cancer rates, and citizen groups remain both mobilized and concerned.

Along with a recent rise in arrests for computer and wifi hacking, residents who live in close proximity to individuals engaged in illegal hacking activities have — anecdotally — reported adverse health effects that they say stem from prolonged exposure to disrupted electromagnetic fields. In the face of a pronounced lack of formal studies, people who live close to hacking activity often report profound headaches, stomach disturbances, and the inability to concentrate on routine tasks.

Unfortunately, the internet itself does not offer a wealth of information on the subject of EMF dangers. Overlooked by global media, the potential dangers of prolonged EMF radiation may not be known for several decades. EMF shielding fabric, including curtains and bedroom sets, have been recommended by EMF protection groups for people of every age and especially for children.

EMF protection for electronics may work to shield the user from potentially disruptive electromagnetic fields generated by devices that millions of people rely on to conduct their day-to-day business and personal lives. Groups that advocate for increased EMF shielding cite studies that indicate measurable physical effects from cell phone use lasting for just a few minutes.

Recently, almost 200 scientists from around the world brought the issue to the attention of the largest peacekeeping bodies in the world. They asked specifically for more citizen protection from and insulation against low frequency electrical current, electromagnetic fields due to digital and wireless technology, and radio waves. Headaches, lethargy, and a stomach flu that won’t go away? Active EMF shielding groups continue to assert that the culprit may actually be your cell phone.

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