How Orthopedic Surgeons Decrease Recovery Time for Athletes

Acl reconstruction

Our bodies are designed to perform under pressure, but there are limits to how far we can push ourselves. Joint pain affects millions of Americans every year and can be the onset of even more devastating issues later down the line. No one should have to live with pain due to accidents, genetics, or sports injuries. Many orthopedic surgeons are able to help Americans find relief and recover faster than ever with minimally invasive surgery options.

The Need for Sports Medicine

Injuries sustained through high-impact sports require specialized training and reconstructive techniques that only orthopedic surgeons possess. Foot and ankle injuries are also common; nearly 60% of reported foot and ankle injuries were simple sprains and strains of the ankle. Shoulder injuries are the fifth most common type of injury suffered among high school athletes; in 2006 approximately 7.5 million people had to go to the doctor’s office for a shoulder problem. Knee problems are some of the most serious as they could literally ruin an athletes career if not properly addressed — every second off the field and in a recovery bed could spell the end of that athlete’s ability to perform.

Minimally Invasive Surgery Options

While surgery is not always the best course of action, in many cases orthopedic surgeons can correct and repair joint damage sustained through sports injuries. Minimally invasive arthroscopic knee surgery uses a small incision to place an endoscope in the joint. Arthroscopic knee surgery allows the surgeon to examine the area and make treatment decisions without committing to full-fledged surgery. Many athletes damage their anterior cruciate ligament during performance, requiring an ACL repair surgery — this too can be done arthroscopically. Although every injury is different, orthopedic surgeons are developing newer surgical techniques for athletes to spend less time in recovery beds and more time breaking records.

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