FUE – The Refined Approach to Hair Restoration

Have you ever heard of fue hair restoration? It is a revolutionary treatment that restores hair for men and women that battle thinning hair and balding problems. There are about 35 million men in the U.S. experiencing hair loss hair. Men of all ages and income brackets are doing their best to try and deal with a problem that robs them of their self-esteem and self-confidence. Nearly 47% of sufferers dealing with hair loss have reported that they would spend all of their life savings just to get a full head of hair. That’s a pretty staggering amount of people.

What Is FUE Hair Restoration?

FUE, follicular unit extraction, is an amazing surgical option for men and women who wish to restore hair with minimal scarring and discomfort. It is considered to be a very refined approach for hair transplants and hair restoration. There are actually many advantages to be enjoyed by fue hair restoration. Speak with a hair restoration doctor to schedule an appointment to discuss a fue transplant.

What Does a FUE Treatment Involve?

FUE hair restoration is performed by a hair restoration expert. Individual follicular units are harvested, or hair in groups of one to four, directly from a patient’s scalp. The area used to extract follicle units is shaved first. Punch blades are used to excise a predetermined number of units within 1mm in diameter or less. The outer most layer of skin is used to extract individual hair grafts using the FUE technique. One of the top advantages of this technique is the minimal discomfort with only tiny circular scars that are nearly undetectable with short hair or a shaved head.

Many celebrities choose this type of hair restoration experience because it is relatively comfortable and affords no down time. Get natural-looking results with a great chance of enjoying new hair growth. Any type of complication is extremely rare and signs of a fue transplant is known to dissipate within a single week.

Celebrities Use Beverly Hills FUE Treatments

Not only are FUE treatments convenient, they are reliable. Quite a few male celebrities have already used this state-of-the-art technology including AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys, Calum Best a salute model, TV presenter and actor and David Beckham to name a few. Each have seen positive results with hair growth that has changed their lives. When you want a life-changing hair restoration experience try FUE hair restoration.

Enjoy the Benefits of FUE

Many FUE patients have already touted that FUE restoration was the best hair restoration experience for them. One of the top reasons that makes this hair restoration treatment so popular is the fact that there is a minimized appearance of scarring. There were no stitches and there were no incisions. The recovery time was shorter in comparison to FUT, as well. Most patients reported that they were back to normal activities the day after a FUE procedure.

Since scars are not very noticeable, if at all, having shaved or short hair isn’t a problem. FUT patients often have a FUE treatment to cover the linear scar left by a FUT scalp incision. FUE can also be used to excise hair from other body parts, not just the head. Transplants from the chest, legs, back or arms are at times a better option and provide a denser head of hair.

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