Fitness Stores are the Place for You

Yay, shopping! Bet you didn’t expect to read that here! We have some suggestions and tips for what you might find at fitness stores to boost your health. If you need to exercise to get into shape or just want to maintain your current fitness level (congrats to you!), we recommend looking for the right gear. You want to purchase from the best sports or home fitness store to find the best selection and top trending items.

Some of you need no encouragement to spend outdoor time running. That’s awesome! Aerobic exercise is essential. Others of you may have had a big push from a doctor recently and you need encouragement to make a few changes. Right now, more than half of American’s are doing a great job walking for their aerobic activity.

The Cleveland Clinic reminds us that 30 minutes, five times a week walking, or other moderate activity is recommended. But here’s the thing…

While more than half of American adults meet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines for aerobic activity, less than 25% meet the same instructions for pursuits that involve both muscle-strengthening AND aerobic benefits. Strength training is the part being left out by most adults. Let’s start supplementing your routine with a few items.

Walking is great for everyone and it doesn’t need special equipment except for the right type of footwear. Some fitness stores specialize in footwear and you might want to check them out to see if they offer the best selection and advice.

Do you really need to shop for exercise equipment? Our research says yes!

No excuses. Have the right home fitness equipment for your exercise routine.
If our suggestions don’t excite you maybe it’s time to check out options for premium fitness equipment. Some fitness stores feature the latest technologies for measuring and tracking everything. And don’t forget about the cute leggings. A great idea if you want to reward yourself for the 5 pounds you have lost and kept off.

If you belong to a gym or fitness club, you are covered for strength training. For everyone else, now you know why you need to purchase some equipment for your home workouts. Strength building is necessary and not enough people are doing it. Try to find something that interests you and is easy to use.

We’re going to narrow your choices down to two types of gear. Both are easily found in fitness stores: device accessories for listening to music and a few pieces of equipment for strength training.

For playing music, check out music armbands, wrist bands, or a holder with a clip that will fit your waist and make sure you have some great fitting earbuds for your device. Why? It’s a known fact: playing tunes is a great motivator and can boost your workouts by fifteen percent.

Some of the home fitness equipment is small and won’t take up a lot of room. Added benefit – you can also pack them into your suitcase when you travel. Stretch bands have many uses. They are great for providing resistance and are small and compact.

Weights are essential but – okay, not so portable. Purchase a few sets of the smaller weights for your home, and you have another valuable tool.

Finally, what about those disc things? We mean sliders! These are great for your ab workouts. Put a set of them under your hands or feet to see what we mean. They also make pushups super challenging, try them.

Ready, set, go! Fitness Stores are the place to visit. Prioritize your health and start right away!

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