Four Common Benefits Offered by US Employers

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If you’ve recently gotten a new job, then you are probably concerned about learning how to navigate the benefits program. The benefits you are offered can be a big deal, as they are meant to supplement your salary, and lots of people even leave their job to get a new one so they will qualify for certain employee benefits like health insurance and a solid retirement plan. It’s also important to note that understanding all of the details of group health plans and small business employee benefits packages can be difficult and complex, so you might want to ask your employer if they use online human resources software to help their employees in learning about everything they can get. If you want to know more about how to interpret your benefits, whether you have access to online human resources software or not, keep reading to learn the basics of what your job may offer you.

    1. Medical benefits
    Healthcare is one of the most common benefits offered by employers in the U.S., and 99% of workers have access to a comprehensive medical benefits plan. This is great because then if you need healthcare or if you need to see a doctor, you will not have to pay the full cost out-of-pocket.

    2. Dental and vision plans
    Although not as common as medical benefits, lots of employers do offer full vision and dental coverage in order to help entice the best employees to come work for them. It can be an offer that’s hard to come by though, so if you find a job that gives you access to this benefit then you should think twice before turning it down.

    3. Paid sick leave
    This is also a very common thing offered by most employers, and close to 100% of workers report that they get paid time off when they are feeling too ill to come into work. Some businesses package this benefit together with vacation time, so when you’re looking for a job you should definitely consider all the perks that come along with having a few sick days to yourself every year.

    4. Paid holidays
    This benefit is key to many employees and is cited as a common reason for choosing a job. When there’s a holiday it’s always nice to have the day off from work, but it can be frustrating if you get paid less the week after because you didn’t get in as many hours. This benefit is made available to around 80% of employees, along with paid vacation time which is offered at a similar rate. Before getting a new job, be sure to ask what their policy is regarding paid holidays and paid vacation time, because this can make a huge difference in your budget at the end of the year.

If you find this information to be a little confusing and you don’t know what to do with it, then you should definitely ask your company if they provide their employees with online human resources software. This will help you better understand all of their policies which means you and your family will benefit the very most from each and every one of them!

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