3 Basic Truths About Assisted Living

Assisted living for the elderly

For individuals approaching the age of 65, thinking about long-term care is a scary thing. However, they are not alone. In fact, there are over 16,000 assisted living homes in the United States currently, with 86% occupancy. This is because as the baby boomer generation aged, the need for elderly homes has increased significantly.
But what exactly is assisted living care, and why is it necessary? Sources such as the media have delivered a slew of negative perceptions regarding the state of elderly care, and because of this, many seniors feel negatively or unsure about the next phase of their lives.
But the truth is out there, and it’s important to let seniors understand their options for after retirement, and what eldercare truly is.
Here’s what every senior should know about assisted living centers:

Every Assisted Living Facility is Different
Definitionally speaking, a long term care facility offers seven day a week, round-the-clock eldercare for seniors. Many a long term care facility caters to individuals that can no longer take care of themselves, or are burdened by terminal illness or debilitating disease. However, not all care facilities are like that. Many offer the option of round the clock support, while giving seniors the full independence they desire.

Eldercare Promotes an Active and Happy Lifestyle
While many believe that eldercare facilities are sad and boring places, the truth is that these facilities are full of vibrant and passionate individuals. To cater to these individuals, assisted living facilities typically offer a myriad of activities, social events and group trips. From gardening, to golf, to trips to the ball park there’s no shortage of things to do.

Assisted Living Can be Affordable
Depending on how you choose to approach assisted living, it can in fact be an approachably affordable option for you and your loved ones. When searhing for an assisted living facility, speak to their financial offices to discuss a payment plan that’s right for you.

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