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Dealing With A Sick Child? Here’s Why You Need To Go To An Urgent Care

There are few things that worry a parent more than having a sick child. All parents have likely experienced more than once a scenario in which they are awoken in the middle of the night by their child who announces they aren’t feeling well and may have already been sick for awhile before they said […]

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Urgent Care Centers are Opening at Record Speeds

According to a recent article on CBS News, urgent care centers are growing in popularity at record speeds. Walk in urgent care clinics are praised for their convenience and immediate care, but they may be dethroning some patient?s primary care doctors. A CBS correspondent reported that more and more urgent care centers are opening in […]

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Discover the Advantages of Urgent Care Centers

According to the most recent figures, approximately three million Americans seek emergency medical care via urgent care facilities every week. Still, an estimated 20% of those needing urgent medical care go straight to hospital emergency rooms to seek treatment. The results of a study conducted by the Rand Corporation in 2010 revealed that the U.S. […]