Can’t Shoot Your Bow? How to Train Anyway

If you’re laid up with an injury or if your busy schedule is keeping you away from the range, you can still stay fit for archery. Maintaining your fitness level is important; you’ll walk five miles during the average tournament and burn up to 150 calories every 30 minutes. Fitness is key to your success, whether your are a tournament archer or a weekend warrior. Training equpment for archery is just part of your overall training program.

Archery Strength Exercises

Shooting accurately depends on strength in these key muscles: the lower trapezius, abdominal, and lattisimus dorsi must be kept flexible and strong in order for you to perform at your best.

If you lack the cash for specific training equpment for archery, you can use standard training equipment such as free weights, hand weights and balance balls to increase strength in the key muscle groups. While many strength-training resources exist online, it’s always best to check in with a qualified coach or trainer to learn correct form for all of your strength training.

Bow Trainers

There are a variety of bow trainers available at every price point. Bow trainers will help you to strength train away from the range, and come in handy when a busy week keeps you away from the range more than you’d like. While there are bow trainers available online, it’s always best to purchase one in person whenever possible. Your coach can help you determine which bow trainer is best suited for you and your current skill level.

A Yoga Mat

Training equipment for archery wouldn’t be complete without a yoga mat. Yoga focuses on building balance, flexibility and core strength in a class setting. If you’re put off by the spiritual aspects of the practice, look for a “yoga for athletes” class that keeps the stretches but skips the Sanskrit. Yoga is also good for preventing archery shoulder pain. Ask the instructor to modify poses to protect any injured area, including your shoulders. A knowledgeable yoga instructor will be more than happy to help.


There’s an app for everything, including archery. Download an archery app for your phone or tablet. A good archery training app will be geared to your ability level, and will keep you engaged and willing to practice away from the range. Look for an archery training app that will track your progress over time, and stores your training data.

Rehab Devices

Training equipment for archery includes rehab devices and programs. If you’re laid up with an injury, archery-specific rehab devices will keep you plugged into your sport while you recover and build strength. A sports medicine-focused physical therapist will assist you in developing a sound program that will get you back on the range quickly.

There are a variety of items you can have in your training equpment for archery arsenal: strength training tools, apps, rehab devices, and your yoga mat. Each of these contribute to a well-rounded training program on and off the range, and will enable you to enjoy your sport for years to come.

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