Taking A Look At The Many Benefits Of Riding A Bike

Bikes and all of their accessories, from leather bicycle saddles to carbon saddle rails and carbon saddle seat clamps, are hugely popular not only here in the United States, but all around the world. In fact, the year of 2010 say more than twenty one and half million people riding their bikes for as many as one hundred and nine days over the course of the year, and biking to work has risen by as much as forty six percent, a considerable gain by just about any standards.

Throughout the world, there are about one billion bicycles owned by people of various backgrounds, in various countries, and of various lifestyles. In fact, this means that there are more bikes in this world than there are cars, a fact that would warm the heart of just about any environmentalist. And thanks to the popularity of bike riding, something that is only continuing to grow in this country and beyond it as well, the bike industry is thriving, bringing in more than six billion dollars in the year of 2015 alone, let alone in the years that have followed since.

The market for bike parts like leather bicycle saddles are also on the rise. After all, types of bike saddles are more varied than every before, allowing the typical bike rider more options than they have ever had. For instance, leather bicycle saddles will be ideal for many people, as leather bicycle saddles tend to be high quality – and leather bicycle saddles are usually pretty comfortable as well. But that does not mean that leather bicycle saddles are for everyone.

On the other hand, some people might prefer a carbon fiber bike saddle as opposed to leather bicycle saddles, and some might choose a leather road bike seat. But finding the right seat (as well as the right other accessories for your bike as well) can take time. But it’s important to go with a bike and bike accessories (like leather bicycle saddles) that you know will not only work with your budget, but with your lifestyle as well.

But no matter what your lifestyle might be, biking can benefit just about everyone. For one thing, it is incredibly good for your health, as it gets you up and moving. Too many people here in the United States don’t get the exercise that they should be, with only about five percent of all American adults exercising for at least thirty minutes each day. And less than half of the adult population of the United States (about one third of them, to be more exact) exercises the recommended amount per week.

And obesity is on the rise. Unfortunately, it has actually been estimated that only around one third of all adults here in the United States are at a healthy weight for their height, with one third being obese and the final one third classified as overweight. And it can be hugely difficult to fit enough exercise into your day to day life. But biking, even just biking to work, can provide you with the movement that you are in need of.

The science backs this up, with data showing that your risk of coronary heart disease can be lowered by as much as fifty percent simply by biking around at least twenty miles over the course of one full week. On top of this, biking can also help you to lose weight if you are in need of doing so, as well as strengthening your muscles and improving your overall endurance. Cardio exercises are crucial to keeping your body in top physical form, and biking can provide just that even to someone who considers themselves to be out of shape.

Biking is also incredibly good for the environment as well, providing what is oftentimes a very viable alternative to using cars as a primary form of transportation. When we bike, we remove a great deal of harmful emissions from our world, something that is not just beneficial to the person who is doing the biking, but to just about everyone else in our world as a whole as well, from the youngest to the oldest.

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