Why Liposuction Can Help You Get Your Life Back

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Cosmetic surgery has become increasingly popular over the past decade thanks to its popularization by celebrities. In 2013 alone there were more than 11 million cosmetic procedures performed by board-certified plastic surgeons, otolaryngologists, and dermatologists in the United States — that is a 12% increase from the previous year. Learn what millions of Americans already know and see how cosmetic techniques can help you look your best.

Anti-Aging Techniques
Americans spend millions of dollars every year on anti-wrinkle creams and facial scrubs with the hopes that their skin will look clearer, softer, and younger. While most of these products fail to produce the desired results, botulium toxin has shown proven anti-aging results. The year 2013 saw a 15.6% increase in Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin treatments, totaling 2.5 billion dollars, making it the most frequent noninvasive procedure performed.

Nearly two-thirds of adults over the age of 20 in the United States are either overweight or obese. With obesity quickly reaching epidemic proportions in the U.S. many are seeking alternative weight loss treatments like abdominal liposuction to quickly lose weight. Liposuction, once considered controversial, has seen a 16% increase in procedures from 2012 to 2013. Laser liposuction procedures are available that help to absorb 90% water with the remaining 10% being pure laser cellulite removal. After seeing the liposuction before and after photos, 80% of patients said they were satisfied with their results, with 75% stating that they would refer a friend. Liposuction cannot guarantee the patient will keep the weight off however, as patients who do not follow a healthy diet are 3 times more likely to gain weight and 4 times more likely to put on unwanted weight with no exercise. If other weight loss programs are not giving you the results you need, perhaps liposuction could help you take the first steps towards a healthier you.

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