When to Seek Medical Care for a Sore Throat

Having a sore throat is never fun and it can cause tons of pain and discomfort. There are some home remedies for sore throat pain that might help you avoid taking pain medication or going to the doctor. In many cases, bad sore throat relief is something that will help to make your day to day more bearable and more tolerable as well. There are plenty of causes of sore throat and things like tonsillitis and strep are both main causes. The best cure for tonsillitis and other similar illnesses is of course a trip to the doctor.

You can take some of the best pain meds for a sore throat to help make the pain bearable until you can get to the doctor and can help you to feel better for a time. The best pain reliever for strep throat is often the use of Tylenol and of course getting the proper antibiotics to fight off the infection. No matter what method of pain relief you use, it is always best to closely monitor your illness and to make sure that you do get to the doctor when you need to rather than waiting at home to see what happens.

Being a parent involves taking on many duties. One of these duties is ensuring your child remains healthy. Unfortunately, almost every parent will encounter a time when their child has a sore throat. In most cases, this is nothing major to worry about. On the other hand, certain symptoms could mean that your child has strep throat. Considering that, strep throat is an extremely serious condition. Here’s how to determine whether to seek medical attention for your child’s sore throat.

What Causes a Sore Throat?

There are many reasons children deal with sore throats. Certain children with allergies find themselves dealing with this situation. However, this type of sore throat is often mild. It’s also common for children to have sore throats while they deal with a cold. This type of sore throat is often more severe, causing discomfort. Unfortunately, many children find themselves dealing with strep throat. This condition takes place due to the presence of an extremely contagious type of bacteria known as group A strep. Making matters worse, strep is extremely prevalent in children ages five to 15.

The Differences Between a Sore Throat and Strep

It’s important to understand the difference between strep and sore throat. One symptom of strep is running a fever. If your child has a high temperature, they’re likely dealing with strep. Other symptoms of strep include vomiting and severe stomach pain. When you begin noticing these symptoms, it’s time to seek medical attention.

When to Visit a Pediatric Urgent Care Center

As a parent, it’s understandable to want your child to receive medical treatment right away. If you’re wanting your child to receive fast and professional care, skip the emergency room. A recent private study from Milliman found that 44 to 65% of all emergency room episodes could have been treated at urgent care centers. This is one of the main reasons why people often spend lots of time waiting in emergency room lobbies. Most of these people could receive treatment at an urgent care center. In turn, this would allow emergency room workers to treat those with life threatening conditions. Therefore, it’s far wiser to bring your child to a pediatric urgent care location.

At a pediatric urgent care center, your child will be able to receive tests. In turn, these tests will determine whether or not your child has strep throat. Research shows that only about 20% of children receiving treatment for sore throats test positive for strep. Also, your child will be able to receive care in a fast and efficient manner. One study found that almost 60% of all urgent care facilities have a wait time of fewer than 15 minutes to see a medical professional.

To summarize, it’s important to learn about what causes a sore throat. If your child’s sore throat is one of several symptoms, it’s wise to visit a pediatric urgent care center. Research from the Urgent Care Association of America found that almost 3 million people visit these centers per week. By visiting an urgent care center, your child will be able to receive treatment in a fast and efficient manner. This is great for parents with busy lives. In turn, you’ll be able to handle the many other duties associated with parenthood.

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