What Treatments do Chiropractors Provide?

Chiropractic services provide alternative treatments for many conditions that are difficult to treat by conventional medical methods. They offer non-surgical and non-invasive treatments for acute and chronic pain, recovery from accidents and sports injuries, and problems resulting from incorrect spine alignment. Medical doctors often prescribe chiropractor for accident victims and others needing pain relief without expensive and addictive painkillers.

What is chiropractic treatment?
Chiropractic services focus on the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system, and the disorders in these systems that affect general health. It is most commonly used for pain relief for neuromusculoskeletal problems. Typically it is used to treat such problem areas as the back, neck, and joints, as well as headaches. The official title for chiropractic physicians is Doctor of Chiropractic or DC.
DCs are trained in health care as well as therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation, as well as nutrition, diet and lifestyle. Their methods are hands on, non-invasive, non-surgical and drug free. Research has shown chiropractic treatments to be effective and less costly than conventional medical treatments.

What do chiropractors treat?
DCs most often chronic pain, especially back pain. Back pain is a widespread problem, with about 31 million Americans suffering from back pain at any point in time. It can be difficult to treat to by conventional medical methods, and often the only recourse is for doctors to prescribe pain killers, which can be expensive and addictive. Many people seek care from a chiropractor for accident victims, sports injuries and others recovering from injuries.
People also seek chiropractic care to achieve a healthy lifestyle by way of correct alignment of the body and spine. Chiropractors are trained to advise patients on diet, nutrition and lifestyle as well. Many sports teams use DCs to bring their players to optimal performance, and to prevent and treat injuries. DCs are licensed to practice in all fifty states and target as many as 35 million people each year.

What are the benefits of a chiropractor?
Chiropractic treatments have several advantages over conventional medicine. DCs provide natural, drug free and whole body care that is focused on bringing the body to optimal health. Chiropractic treatments are effective, and also less costly than conventional medicine. Research has shown that when treatment for lower back pain is initiated by a DC rather than an MD, the total cost of the treatment can be significantly lower, by as much as 20%.
For all of these reasons, chiropractic care is recognized as an complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) profession, and MDs refer patients to DCs for chronic pain treatment. Treatment from chiropractor for accident victims and others recovering from injuries can be their best chance to regain their health and well being.

Chiropractor care provides natural and drug free treatments for pain relief and general well being. Treatment from a chiropractor for accident victims and others suffering from chronic pain is effective and less costly than conventional medical treatment. The number of people treated by DCs runs into the millions and is increasing every year as the benefits of this treatment become apparent.

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