What is Sedation Dentistry?

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If you have always had an innate fear of going to the dentist because the sound and feel of steel scraping against teeth is a bit nauseating to you, then you should look into sedation dentistry.

What is Sedation Dentistry? Sedation dentistry is performed by a sedation dentist. A sedation dentist can offer patients a relaxing and anxiety-free dental procedure, no matter what they need done.

What is a Sedation Dentist? More than 80% of dentists are general practitioners, while 20% are dental specialists who limit their practices to one dental specialty area. Sleep dentistry is practiced by both a family dentist and a dental specialist because so many dental patients are scared to undergo routine cleanings or procedure because of the pain associated.

General dentistry services offer sedation dentistry in order to quickly undergo necessary procedures to prevent tooth decay and tooth loss. Tooth decay is four times more common than asthma among adolescents (15%). Tooth loss is a major result of gum disease, and sedation dentistry is a great choice for patients who need a dental deep cleaning or gum treatment in order to prevent tooth loss.

What is Sedation? In order to achieve a relaxed state of mind, tranquilizers, depressants, anti-anxiety medications, and nitrous oxide can be administered to patients in a variety of ways.

Sedation Methods:
Traditionally, intravenous sedation was used, which involved directing injecting the sedative into a patient’s vein (usually in the arm). IV sedation is safe and very effective and does not take long for a patient to start feeling relaxed.

Oral sedation is the most common technique today and is used to keep patients relaxed, yet still conscious. This technique is very easy and requires no needles (which could heighten a patient’s anxiety). Many patients will not remember most or all of the dental procedure.

Nitrous oxide gas — also known as “laughing gas” — is also used as the main sedative or in addition to an oral sedative. This will still make the patient remain conscious, but they will experience a carefree feeling.

Benefits of Sedation: People will feel like their dental procedure only lasted a couple minutes,even for the most lengthy procedures. Complex dental surgeries such as dental implants and smile makeovers can last for hours, and many patients will opt to be completely “out” for the entire surgery.

Sedation dentistry can make you feel less anxious about a procedure that you need done. For example, if you have a decaying tooth that needs to be pulled out, you should choose sedation. Read this for more.

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