What Are Your Fitness Goals for 2020?

This is the day.

This is the month.

This is the year.
This is the decade.

If there was ever a time to take on a new fitness challenge and set some new goals, this is it.

The beginning of the year 2020 has challenged many people to have both a literal and figurative clear vision about what they want their lives to be like. From making a commitment to regular stretching and core strengthening at daily yoga classes to working with a spinal disorders specialist who can help you work on your posture and pain relief, there are many new goals that people are setting as they enter this newest of decades. Unfortunately, back pain and spinal disorders keep some people from reaching their health and fitness goals, but if you want to make sure that you are getting the exercise and activity that you need to be your very best self then it is time to consider the help that a chiropractor may be able to provide.

Getting Older Is a Part of Facing the New Decade

It is no coincidence that the New York City New Year’s Eve party was co-sponsored by Planet Fitness or that the first commercial after the ball dropped was from Weight Watchers. These are orchestrated campaigns that aim to inspire fitness in the hearts of Americans at the most opportune moments.

You are either on the resolution bus, careening down the road toward new processes and plans, or you are no where near the bus, claiming to be immune to New Years and creating a new you. The divide between those who make health resolutions and those who do not is significant.
Regardless of where you stand, you cannot be immune to the pressure to do more and be more of who you are now. And you can either resent that feeling or use it. If you chose to go with the latter, it is important to face the obstacles that you face head on.
Time is on your side. With an entirely new decade ahead of you, building a healthier life does not have to consume all your mind and calendar. In fact, simply moving about during your day can make a difference. Even if you are someone who has suffered from limited movements from spinal disorders or arthritis in the past, there are solutions that can help you increase the amount of activity that you get. It does, however, take a little time to decide on your goals and to put a plan in place so the you can safely execute them.

Did you know that being unhealthy actually takes more time than moving? If you are physically inactive much of your day you have less of all the good things than those who are working toward a healthy future. You are going to spend time somehow. This year, make sure that you spend your time making sure that you are moving more. If you make the decision to campaign for a good life, not a perfect one, you can set goals that are attainable. Doing even a little better means a lot.
Even those people who suffer with conditions that have left them less mobile in the past can look for ways to get themselves to a better spot with the help of the right resources. For instance, nearly 90% of the people experiencing migraines have a family member who also has the same condition. The fact that this is hereditary, however, does not mean that you cannot find some relief. With the help of a fitness and diet log, for example, you can track the triggers and watch for the signs that indicate a bigger problem is on the way.

Even if you are seeking relief from one of several kinds of spinal disorders or arthritis, you can likely find a chiropractor or a yoga and stretching routine that will allow you to increase your mobility at least a little bit most days. Arthritis is one of the most common causes of joint pain in older adults. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in fact, predicts that by the year 2040, an estimated 78.4 million American adults over the age of 18 will be diagnosed with this condition.

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