Ways to Reduce Chronic Foot Pain

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Foot pain and foot problems are one of the most common conditions in our country. In fact, between 75% and 80% of the adult population have some form of foot pain. People are walking more than ever and some jobs require employees to be on their feet for many hours of the day. Foot pain can lead to lower back problems, which often leads to more missed work days and hospital visits. People who are on their feet often need to take special care of their feet. Consider the following foot pain relief options.

Rest and relaxation

This is the simplest and often under appreciated treatment for foot pain. When you are experiencing foot pain in one or both of your feet, take a break. Get off of your feet. Put them up to get some of the weight off of them and to reduce inflammation. If you are on your feet for much of your work day, be sure to relax your feet on your breaks. If the foot pain gets to extreme, request special accommodations to sit at work, if possible.

Invest in a pair of high quality, comfortable shoes

Many foot pain problems are the cause of poorly made shoes. Invest in shoes that have great padding, appropriate support, and fit the foot perfectly. If you are unable to purchase special shoes for your position, attempt a therapeutic insert. Inserts can be customized to your specific foot pain problems. Women with foot pain might want to consider trading out high heeled shoes for smaller heels or flats. There are 44 million working days lost each year to back pain and women, having approximately four times as many foot problems as men, have a contributing factor of wearing high heel shoes.

Insist on proper matting under your feet

If your job requires you to stand in one spot for many hours, insist on improving the standing space. You are likely to notice that your foot pain is worse on harder floors, such as that of concrete. Invest in a padded mat to stand on while at work. Most employers will allow you to bring this in to make your work environment more comfortable, especially if you are willing to cover the costs. Some employers may even be tempted to improve the flooring conditions for all employees.

Strengthen your feet and ankles

Just because you are on your feet all day long does not mean that they are strong and in shape. Strengthening your feet and supporting ankles can help reduce the pain you experience from excessive standing or walking. Painless foot treatment can include seeing a physical therapist for strengthening techniques. Practice these strengthening techniques at home and pay attention to any improvements in your foot pain.

Pay for a foot massage

Sometimes foot pain is simply caused by the soreness of the muscles in the feet. When you are constantly on your feet, the muscles never get a chance to relax. Many body massage places also offer foot massages. Nail and pedicure salons may also offer foot massage packages. Regular massages can help to drastically reduce the pain felt in the feet if the cause is sore muscles.

Make an appointment with foot and ankle specialists

Sometimes foot pain is caused by a medical condition. Sometimes it requires specialized care. A podiatry specialist can help to diagnose foot pain conditions that are not solved with any of the above methods. Podiatric physicians provide treatment for 82% of corn and callus problems, 65% of toenail problems, 63% of bunion problems, 46% of flat feet or fallen arches problems, and 43% of toe and joint deformities. They may also help with foot and ankle sprains.

The feet are an important part of our bodies. They are the base of our bodies and allow us to walk great lengths. However, when pain affects one or both of our feet, we feel it all over. Foot pain can be caused by a variety of things. Some of these problems can be corrected with foot massages, better shoes, strengthening exercises, and relaxation. Some foot pain is actually caused by a medical professional and requires a podiatry specialist.

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