Three Tips so You Can Throw Out the Diets and Just Be Healthier

Healthy eating meals

When you make the decision to lose weight and eat more healthfully, it can seem like there are more diets to choose from than there are stars in the sky. The master cleanse, the baby food diet, the five bite diet, the seven day color diet, the Hollywood diet, and the model diet are all meant to appeal to the commonly held belief that there is some secret to losing weight and being healthy. The truth is, there is no secret.

The very best diet tips and tricks do not apply to any one kind of diet at all, like the ones just mentioned. The best dieting tips apply to an overall lifestyle change. If you must call it a diet, call it an eating well diet. Here are three tips to help you adopt this new lifestyle.

  • Get the facts on healthy eating.
  • A balanced diet is no mystery. It involves eating more fruits and vegetables and whole grains than you eat meats, fats, and dairy. Try to remove or significantly reduce the amount of processed meats, and alcohol you consume. In combination with eating more fiber, exercising, and maintaining a healthy weight, people can prevent 45% of colon cancer incidents. If you need some motivation, do a little research on the facts surrounding what can go wrong if you do not eat healthier foods.

  • Avoid obviously unhealthy foods.
  • Did you know that it would take 30 minutes of jogging to burn off the 330 calories from a grande Starbucks Mocha? If you find it too difficult to eliminate foods high in sugar or fat, then seek to merely reduce the amount that you consume. If you drink a sugary coffee drink three times a week, try cutting back to only once a week. Small steps will slowly start to make a big difference.

  • Hold yourself accountable.
  • Keep a small diary or journal of the foods that you eat. No need to count calories, just simply write down what you ate, when, and how it made you feel after eating it. Health experts know that people who are accountable to what they choose to eat tend to lose more weight. So, if you choose to eat that cake, just acknowledge it! Write it down and try to make your next meal more balanced.

Follow these tips for eating well and you will find that you do not need to tell anyone that you are on an eating well diet, only that you are eating better and getting healthier. It is important to know that having an unhealthy weight can increase morbidity by 23%. Your eating well diet is more important than just fitting into a cute dress, it can mean serious consequences for your health.

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