Three Things To Know About Proton Cancer Treatment

Advanced cancer treatment options

If you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with cancer, then you understand what it means to have your life change in an instant. Now you being working with your doctor to understand the treatment option you have to fight this awful disease. With the continuous medical advances, it is not unlikely that what you hear from your doctor could overwhelm you. This article is meant to help you understand a new type of cancer treatment known as proton therapy. Here are just a few pieces of information about it:

1. What Is Proton Therapy – Proton therapy is a type of radiation that is known for being able to target a specific point on the tumor. Historically, radiation radiation is unable to achieve this and actually continues beyond the tumor which can put other parts of the body at risk. The removal of this risk is one of the reasons that proton cancer treatment is becoming a more popular option among doctors and patients alike.

2. What Does It Help With? – Proton radiation therapy is used to treat various types of cancer, but specifically for breast, prostate, and brain cancer treatment. This is because the treatment can be targeted at the tumor and avoid nearby areas that could potentially cause the patient more problems. If you have been diagnosed with cancer and are unsure if proton therapy is an option for you, just ask your doctor what they think.

3. Proton Therapy Statistics – Recent data shows that over 30,000 patients have received proton cancer treatment in the United States and over 60,000 patients have been treated worldwide. A single proton cancer treatment session takes between 15 and 45 minutes, and the number of sessions will be determined by your physician. The numbers show that proton cancer treatment is working well among patients and more data is available every single day.

Whether you are considering proton therapy for breast cancer, brain cancer, or prostate cancer, you should at least go into it with the knowledge above. Having more information will keep you confident and positive about your treatment. If there is a time that you feel confused about something or just want more clarification, never be worried about asking your doctor to describe more advanced cancer treatment options.

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