Three Benefits to FUE Hair Transplants

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Follicular unit extraction or FUE has recently been leading the way as the preferred hair transplant method. However, many are unaware of just how non-invasive an FUE procedure can be. Many are under the impression that an FUE transplant could take a long time which isn’t true. In addition, an FUE hair transplant cost will vary but most find that it is much less than what they were estimating total costs to be. Research shows that by the time men turn 50, 85% of them are significantly losing, or have lost most of their hair. In this post, you will find out about three important benefits of receiving FUE hair transplants.

  1. Fast Procedure ? One reason that follicular unit extraction has become so popular is because of how quickly patients can be treated. No man wants to go in for a hair transplant that takes days to complete. An average hair transplant surgery using the FUE method only takes about eight hours to complete. Other methods of hair transplanting can take much longer than an FUE treatment. Patients that want to get their procedure done quickly should strongly consider follicular unit extraction.
  2. Quick Recovery Time ? Typically, the healing time after undergoing a follicular unit extraction depends on skin type. However, the grafts for an FUE procedure will properly attach within a few days. The slight redness on the treated areas will go back to normal color within about five days. A hair transplant clinic can most likely have your entire FUE procedure done in less than one full day. Fue hair transplant costs and recovery time will both be dependent upon how much hair is needing to be transplanted. However, even in situations where much work is needed, the FUE procedure is still going to be quicker than most other options.
  3. Highly Preferred over FUSS Method ? The low FUE hair transplant cost isn’t the only reason this method is so preferred to other forms of transplanting. The FUE method is far less invasive than FUSS, has a much lower rate of complication and doesn’t leave any scars. The previously mentioned short recovery time of FUE treatment is also much shorter. Follicular unit strip surgery is a procedure to transplant hair that is quite invasive. In addition, FUSS can leave unsightly scars on the back of a patient’s head. Men who want a hair transplant procedure that doesn’t leave scars should strongly consider follicular unit extraction.

In conclusion, there are many benefits associated with follicular unit extraction. Research shows that around 35 million men are undergoing some form of hair loss in the United States. The quick procedure time of a follicular unit extraction is something that many men prefer. The quick recovery time for an FUE procedure means that you can get back to living your life quicker than with other transplant methods. In addition, the FUE method of hair transplanting is less invasive and quicker than the FUSS method.

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