Thinking Of Starting Your Own Skincare Line?

Cosmetic solutions for skin care

Have you considered creating your own private label skincare for spas? The skincare industry has done nothing but increase in sales due to the myriad of skin conditions and beauty standards that permeate every unique population in America. Whether it’s a new brand of organic acne pads, a unique formula for eye wrinkles or a professional skin care line started from the ground up, there’s little to lose by tapping into one of the most lucrative medicinal markets around!

Anti-Aging And Beauty Industry

Did you know the U.S. anti-aging industry was worth an estimated $80 billion in the year 2011 alone? Leading industry experts expected it to continue growing to a whopping $114 billion by 2015 and it still shows no signs of slowing down as people search for solutions to common problems. Acne of varying degrees are particularly common in young adults, while excessive wrinkles and age spots affect older populations.

Creams And Serums In Skincare

Everyday air pollution, such as the exhaust from cars and trucks, can increase the probability of unsightly age spots, hyperpigmentation and irritable skin conditions by as much as 20%. Ideal ingredients for eye creams and brightening serums include retinol and peptides — peptides are small proteins that thicken the skin and reduce veins, wrinkles and blotches. Vitamin C, as well as Vitamin E and A, are popular natural ingredients that simultaneously brighten and protect from UV rays.

Healthy Skincare Habits

While it’s tempting to attempt to rub away wrinkles or acne, excessive scrubbing and washing removes protective oils that can actually increase dryness, redness and age lines. Gentle exfoliation with proper moisturizing, however, can encourage collagen production and dislodge dead skin cells to make way for softer, brighter skin. Protecting from the sun with a broad-spectrum sunscreen or foundation is also essential to reduce long-term sun damage (ever heard of the term ‘weather-beaten’?). For those that have considered private label manufactures for skincare…

Private Label Skincare For Spas

Creating the best skin care line requires a deep knowledge of different skin-types, a commitment to healthy ingredients and a transparent marketing campaign to encourage customer loyalty. Private labeling is advantageous for those that want the maximum control of their products, including but not limited to formulas and profit margins. The skin products industry only get more popular by the day, so what are you waiting for? Start trademarking your professional skin care line today!

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