Things to Consider Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Life after breast cancer can take a toll on the body both emotionally, as well as physically. With so many types of breast augmentation procedures available today, more and more women are opting to regain confidence with breast augmentation. In fact, The number of women choosing silicone implants has skyrocketed since the FDA lifted the moratorium on these implants in November, 2006.

Are you considering breast augmentation enlargement? The average cost of breast enhancement surgery is over $6,500 USD, however, there are tons of finance options available to help you regain confidence with breast augmentation, at a price you can afford. Your first step before committing to surgery is to schedule a consultation.

Research a board certified augmentation surgeon in your area. Rely on friends, online reviews, and physician recommendations to find the best possible fit for you. Consider past work, your comfort with the doctors themselves, and their payment options when narrowing down the pool of breast augmentation doctors.

Your doctor will review several important elements in the breast augmentation process, including the benefits of breast augmentation, how much they will cost, and also help you to choose the type of implant you are interested in.

The most popular implant types are silicone, and silicone gel implants. Sientra’s high-strength silicone gel implants, sometimes referred to as “gummy bear implants,” underwent an eight-year clinical trial before being approved by the FDA. Silicone breast implants were first sold in the 1960s, but the FDA did not have the authority to regulate them until 1976. Your doctor will help you select the best fit to help your regain confidence with breast augmentation.

Remember that breast augmentation is not a minor surgery. Be sure to research your doctors and all options before making your final decision. To see more, read this:

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