How to Find a Home Nursing Agency

Skilled nursing facility

In 2000, approximately 4.5% of all U.S. citizens age 65 or older resided in a nursing home. According the CDC, there are roughly 1.5 million nursing home residents in the United States. The nursing home industry and assisted living communities are expected to grow as many from the baby boomer generation reaches the age of 65. Currently, according to the CDC there are approximately 16,100 nursing homes in the United States. And, the average resident in a nursing home has been admitted for approximately 835 days.
You may be searching for a nursing home or a home nursing agency to help care for a family member or other loved one. There some important tips you should follow when searching for a nursing home or home nursing agency.
You should determine the needs of your loved one. Examine the needs of the person. Is he simply lonely and in need of someone to talk to. Is he or she prone to wandering or at risk of falling? Does this person need physical or occupation therapy? Are there special medical needs that need to be addressed by the home nursing agency?
Gather the financial and medical information of the person. Find out if there is long term care insurance or whether he qualifies for Medicaid or Medicare. You should also make a list of all medications and medical procedures for this person.
Contact each home nursing agency or convalescence home to see which ones will offer the type of services that is required, as well as to find out about the costs. You can also find comparison tools online that will show you the differences between home nursing agency services you are considering.
You should visit each home nursing agency or health care agencies. You will probably go through a tour. Ask to see where your loved one will be living. Ask about staff turnover rates. You may also want to have your loved one visits to see how the staff interacts with him.
Work with the admission representative at the home nursing agency to work out the financial details. These can vary from facility to facility.
This can be a very trying decision, so it is best that you find the best home nursing agency or skilled nursing facility so you can feel comfortable with that final decision. Helpful info also found here.

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