There Is No Need to Rely on Your Local Gym for Health Technology

Fitness monitors

Did you know that 32% of people who exercise indicated in a Life Fitness survey that they would switch their gyms if it meant that they could have access to better fitness technology? The truth is, you don’t need to rely on your gym to provide technology that boosts your workout. Health tech products come in numerous shapes, sizes, and with various capabilities. They are available for fitness and health-minded individuals to purchase for use at home, on their jog, or at the gym, and in their daily lives. Here are some of the three best gadgets for fitness that you can purchase for yourself.

The best in armband monitors.

For a strong fitness tracker, Scosche RHYTHM armbands are a popular choice, in part because they attach to your arm instead of to your chest. Your metrics are wirelessly communicated from the device, to an App on your tablet or smartphone. If you want to know your heart rate, your pace, your distance traveled, and how many calories you burned, then this monitor is an excellent choice.

The best in watchband monitors.

For the frequent runner, the Nike+ SportWatch GPS is an especially valuable gadget. It can give you reminders, store the history of your runs, including personal records, track your routes, and help motivate you to keep moving. It is well known that people might find it easier to stay motivated through a workout by having a partner, and while this watchband monitor won’t find you a running buddy, it will make it easy to share your running activity and routes with friends on social media. In the same vein of health technology there are also wristband monitors, like Jawbone UP. These wristband devices track additional metrics, such as calories burned, steps taken, and can also monitor your sleep.

The best in iPhone fitness accessories.

Monitoring your blood pressure and heart rate can be an important part of reaching health goals. Being able to send that data to your physician, or to friends and family can make health tech products an even more valuable asset. Both of these things are possible with the iHealth Blood Pressure Dock, which works with your iPhone or iOS device to monitor and track your blood pressure. The applications that work with this device allow you to track your progress and compare it to World Health Organization classifications, as well as log your diet and physical activities so that you can begin to see a correlation between your fitness activities and your health.

There are a multitude of health tech products that you can choose from, from brands such as Fitbit, Withings, BodyMedia, and many others. Finding the right product for tracking your health and fitness will come down to which of the gadgets match your budget, and your lifestyle. If you want a fitness gadget that blends in seamlessly, you might appreciate a wristband or watchband. For a gadget that is suited more towards the individual with set workout periods, an armband could be ideal. About 72% of people who exercise feel that the technology they use helps their workout to be more successful. With the right technology, you might experience the same.

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