The Tastiest E Cig Liquid Flavors

E cigarette liquid refill

Have you recently started vaping and using e cigs and are wondering what flavors are available? You should check out some e cig juice reviews before trying anything out, but before you do that here’s a list of the top flavor categories for e cig liquid in the past several years.

Fruity flavors
Fruity flavors of e cig liquid are some of the most popular with consumers. Strawberry and blueberry consistently get good e cig juice reviews because they are universally loved by most liquid e cig users. Some of the more obscure flavors include grapefruit, which is extremely tart but has an interesting and unique flavor; plum, which can sometimes be slightly bitter with its understated but memorable flavor; banana, which is a favorite among a small group of people but is overall unpopular; and starfruit, which has a shocking and forceful flavor that can’t be matched by any other e liquid.

Tobacco flavors
These are great choices for people who are transitioning from cigarettes and want to maintain the flavor of traditional cigarettes without the negative health effects. Some of the most popular tobacco flavored e liquids are Turkish tobacco and Southern tobacco flavors. For e cig users who are especially concerned about getting the best flavor, organic tobacco e juice is available. Organic flavors are a little more expensive but the increase in price reflects a purer taste and smoother hit.

Bakery flavors
Options like cupcake and chocolate brownie are some of the most decadent flavors on this list. Bakery flavors are interesting because they evoke feelings of being in a bakery where fresh pastries and treats are being made. The bakery flavors taste sweet and delicious, and they are also notable for the specific smell they have. Vaping a sugary bakery flavor can fill a whole room with the sweet smell of a pastry shop.

Breakfast flavors
Breakfast inspired e liquid is popular in the vaping community because it is a toned down version of the sweeter and stronger bakery flavors. Some of the mainstream breakfast flavors include blueberry waffles, which combines fruity blueberries with the maple flavors of syrup; cinnamon sugar french toast, which is lightly sweet with a touch of cinnamon flavor; and banana muffin, which uses a natural banana flavor combines with nutty walnuts to create the perfect nutty taste.

Drink flavors
E cig juice reviews of flavors that are based on drinks usually rave about the true to life flavor of these e juices. One of the top choices for coffee lovers is a simple coffee flavor that has some notes of cream and sugar, but mostly packs a strong smell and taste that is unmistakable for rich coffee beans. Another favorite is chai tea, which combines the rich and complex flavors of chai with a hint of vanilla to create a breakfast favorite. There are also flavors based on wine, and users can choose from a deep red or a sparkling white, and can even select a rose flavored e liquid if that’s their preference.

Menthol flavors
Menthol is often added to other flavors to enhance their unique flavor. Some examples of flavor combinations are menthol vanilla or menthol strawberry. These choices may seem like they aren’t good matches, but menthol adds a special cooling feeling to the vapor that can’t be achieved with anything else. Menthol tobacco is a popular choice for people who used to smoke menthol cigarettes.

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