The Health Scare of a Lifetime

You were more than alarmed. In addition to the anxiousness that goes along with having prostate cancer treatment that your husband is considering, you are now worried about the insurance coverage that you have. In fact, even after they had the surgical table ready, the office administrator came in and announced that the insurance has fallen through. The doctor was beside himself because he thought they had all of the insurance set up. Something with the licensing of the surgical center, however, created the complication. They are trying to get your husband cleared for surgery next door, but then all of the prep work for the surgery room will need to be done again. If they go through with the surgery in this place at this time, though, the out of pocket cost for today would be $14,000. Obviously, not an amount you are ready to pay today.
Today’s health care platform can be very frustrating. In addition to the fear that is often involved with the diagnosis that many people receive, there is also the fear that there will be too many out of pocket expenses to cover. From skin cancer treatment options to the kinds of cancer care support services that are available, there are also additional times when insurance deductibles and coverage are of concern.

Does Your Medical Insurance Provide the Coverage That You Need?

We live in increasingly difficult times. As the number of patients who are dealing with everything from first time skin cancer treatment options to more advanced treatment of a breast cancer that has returned, there are many times when the diagnosis itself can be concerning. Factor in the fear of whether or not insurance will cover the necessary procedures and many patients and their families are in very challenging situations.
Currently, cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide. The treatments for various kinds of cancer, however, can be very different. For instance, in the An estimated 268,600 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in women before the end of 2019, the treatment plan can vary based on a number of factors. Likewise, the skin cancer treatment options that are available after a diagnosis can depend on the stage of the cancer, the location, as well as family history.

Unfortunately, as approximately one in every six deaths is related to cancer, there is an innate fear that comes with this diagnosis from the beginning. And given that there were as many as 1.76 million new cancer diagnoses in 2019, there are many people who faced the uncertainty of the future of both their health and their finances. And while the numbers can vary from one cancer to another, more than 174,000 people were newly diagnosed with prostate cancer in the year 2019 alone.

Finding a second opinion and understanding the insurance coverage that you have can allow you to make a more informed decision. And while few people want to admit that the decisions that they make about skin cancer treatment options are purely financial, it is important to note that this is sometimes the case. There are often many different kinds of misconceptions when it comes to cancer treatment, but when you work with a medical team that thoroughly covers the options for you and explains the insurance benefits that you have, the more likely you are to calmly enter into the treatment stage.

What plans do you you have in place when it comes to your health? Do you have the kind of insurance to make sure that your family gets the kind of care they need to overcome a challenging diagnosis? Planning ahead is not always an option, but there are some employers who offer options for employees to get the coverage that they need.

If you have ever had to receive a difficult diagnosis then you are likely familiar with the kind of deductibles and maximum amount of money that you may need to pay for the necessary procedures. Even if you have the exact details of insurance figured out, however, then you can still be caught off guard by the news of your illness itself. Asking questions can help you ge the results that you need.

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