The Benefits Of Gastric Bypass Surgery For Obesity

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Americans all over the country search for safe and effective ways of losing weight, whether it’s for personal reasons or health issues. While exercise and eating a healthy diet are well-known ways of staying fit, gastric bypass is a medical procedure used to treat various conditions ranging from obesity to type 2 diabetes to hypertension. If you’re unsure about gastric bypass and how it works, read below to learn more about obesity in America, the benefits of losing weight and how weight loss surgery could help you.

Obesity In America

There are multiple causes for obesity, ranging from lifestyle to diet to family health history. The BMI (body mass index) for obesity is 35, while extreme obesity is 40 or higher. It’s estimated that one in three adults in America are obese, with extreme obesity affecting over 8% of the population. While some change their diet or exercise to remove weight, some people require surgical procedures to keep significant amounts of weight off permanently.

Benefits Of Weight Loss

While not all fat is unhealthy, there are physical benefits for people whose weight needs to be maintained for health reasons. Reducing high blood pressure and managing sleep issues are some of the most common reasons for seeking out medical procedures, though some need it for life-threatening conditions that can’t be mediated by exercise or medication alone. A Harvard Study found that obesity increases the risk of diabetes at 20 times the average rate and also raises the chances of conditions such as heart disease, stroke and gallstones.

Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass surgery is also known as bariatric surgery and involves bariatric surgeons physically rearranging certain parts of the stomach and small intestine to reduce stress on the stomach area. It’s been known to help up to 55% of patients with chemical depression, with 74% of patients resolving their sleep apnea and 82% of patients seeing a reduction in asthma after seeking out gastric bypass surgery. Most bariatric patients successfully keep their weight off in the long-term, though 50% of patients may see a 5% increase in their weight in the following two years after surgery. Make an appointment with your regular doctor and find out if gastric bypass surgery is a viable option for you.

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