The 3 C’s of Urgent Care – Cost, Care, and Clinics

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Have you ever needed to visit a doctor, only to find that your physician’s office is closed? Did you ever receive a bill from the hospital’s emergency department that ended up being way higher than you expected? Are you tired of waiting months upon months for a physical exam for work or another purpose? If you answered yes to these questions, it may be time for you to explore your local urgent care options and head to your nearest clinic.

In general, urgent care costs far less than a visit to the emergency room, and the hours are more convenient than those found in a typical doctor’s office. They also offer a number of treatments and procedures that can be completed at your convenience.

What kind of care can you receive at an urgent care clinic?

One of the big draws of visiting an urgent care clinic is that they offer easy and affordable care, with or without an appointment. That’s right: you can walk in and receive everything from a physical exam to testing for diseases in a matter of minutes rather than waiting weeks or months for an appointment. Urgent care centers can also offer diagnoses for acute illnesses and emergency care in the event of an injury, insect or animal bite, or other medical condition.

How much does urgent care cost?

On average, urgent care costs are far lower than those you would find in a hospital, and sometimes even at other healthcare facilities. One study found that patients saved between $228 and $583 at urgent care centers when compared with visiting an emergency department to receive the same diagnosis. These centers also generally accept insurance plans, so you can do everything from receiving the flu shot to undergoing medical testing and X-rays all at a walk in health clinic — and all at a fraction of the cost of a visit to the hospital.

What else can you expect from these walk in clinics?

In addition to providing fast and affordable care, you will typically have access to qualified doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, and other medical professionals. More than 95% of these centers have physicians on-staff, so you can actually receive a diagnosis if there’s a problem. These centers are also open after hours and on weekend. Two-thirds of such centers open prior to 9 a.m. during the week, 45.7% open earlier on Saturdays, and nearly one-third (31.1%) are open before 9 a.m. on Sunday, too. That means you can get more cost effective healthcare from qualified professionals when you need it — not when it’s convenient for a doctor.

Have more questions about urgent care? Be sure to visit your local clinic or leave a comment in the space provided below for more general inquiries.

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