Staying Safe During the Summer

Summer is one of the most fun seasons for both parents and children. For children, the summer is a time of free release and roaming, a time to be free and to be active instead of sitting inside all day. We can forget sometimes just how magical summer is for kids, just how much possibility exists that fades as we get older. Anything can happen in the summer, any possible magical thing, and it’s all just waiting around the corner. For parents, the summer is a time to spend time with children, to get outside and feel the sunshine. It’s a time of health for parents and children alike but that doesn’t mean it is without dangers of any sort. Summer is full of sports injuries, seasonal illnesses, common illnesses, stitches, possible urgent healthcare and all sorts of other things you might need to look out for. If you are a parent, just be sure to watch your kid closely to make sure that none of these things happen to them. If you’re watching, they ought to be alright but that doesn’t mean you can’t be too careful. A slightly closer look at a family in particular but do a better job of illustrating these points. Let’s look at a father and his daughter, both of them living somewhere in the southern United States. Let’s say somewhere in the heart of Texas. The Genes. Now, the Genes are a small family it’s true but they are very close. Sally is only nine so she’s just in the middle of elementary school and very inquisitive and curious. She’s also very athletic and loves to play soccer with her dad when she can. She even plays soccer on a team occasionally and it is her very favorite thing to do. Her father is happy she can stay so active but he’s also a little worried for her safety in such an engaging and passionate game. He goes to all of them and cheers her on every chance he gets, as well. This all goes well for them and Sally is winning her final few games of the summer season when something goes a little wrong in one of the last matches. Sports injuries can happen to anyone and, although Sally has been lucky so far, she’s not immune to spills and scrapes like anyone else. In this final game, she falls on her knee the wrong way and it gets a little hurt. She can walk it but it doesn’t feel right and her father takes it seriously as he should. He tells her they are going to have to take her to a clinic to get her looked at.
Looking at Sports Injuries
Now, sports injuries can range in severity but luckily Sally has no had no such big problems. After the game, she limps to the car and her father takes her to go get ice cream and explains the procedure. First, they are going to take her to an emergency clinic nearby. The word emergency scares her and he calms her down by saying it’s just a name and they care for a lot of people including those with just small problems like the one he is sure she has. He calls then them and sets up an appointment right on the spot to show her how easy it is. Then he hangs up and continues. They go to the car and sit and he tells her that clinics are good and cheap places to get quality help if you need it. As they drive there, he explains how they work. First, they will sign in and he will have her explain what the problem is and how it feels. Sally tells him she’s not sure if she can but her father says it will be a good opportunity to speak to doctors and to learn how to best express her physical and emotional feelings. She understands, sort of, and he tells her that once they understand what is wrong, they might have to sit and wait a bit. Then the doctors will admit them in and they will look at her problem and fix her right up. Simple and easy.

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