State-of-the-Art Dermatology Procedures

Many people deal with acne during their teenage and young adult years, but the issues can linger for some well into adulthood. With particularly bad cases of acne, scarring can occur and other secondary issues such as infections can arise. Individuals struggling with acne can get expert medical care and treatment from an acne treatment clinic.

A good acne treatment plan is one that takes into account your personal biology, your lifestyle, your individual acne issues, and other personal factors that can affect treatment success. While the face and neck are the most common places for acne to occur, many people struggle with widespread acne and need acne all over body treatment options. Talking with a dermatologist who specializes in acne care can help develop a personalized treatment plan.

Body acne and sensitive skin can cause long-lasting problems for some people, and it can hurt their self-esteem and feeling of self-worth and attractiveness. A skilled and experienced skin care expert can help treat common and uncommon acne area causes and help you get healthier looking skin. So, call your local dermatologist today to get started!

Facial laser resurfacing

Over the past two decades, dermatology has been a quickly expanding branch of medicine. Given the increasing rate of technological advancement in science, the dermatology procedures of today are more effective and safer than ever. Consequently, laser resurfacing treatment has grown by more than 150 percent between 2000 and 2010.

As its name implies, laser resurfacing is the process of using laser to smooth the skin. Of all U.S. facial dermatology procedures that were performed during 2009, approximately 14% were facial laser resurfacing treatments. Among the patients who underwent laser facial resurfacing, over 175,000 were over the age of 40.

Face laser resurfacing is usually done with a Co2 laser, but facial resurfacing can also be accomplished with a plasma based tool. Proponents of the latter treatment claim that it can actually help to rebuild damaged skin for up to a year. But there is no acceptable scientific evidence to back up this assertion; and its safety is question. Laser face resurfacing, however, is safe and effective.

Another of the more popular modern dermatological procedures is the vampire facelift procedure. The name may seem odd, but the procedure received this designation for the fact that the patient’s own blood is key to the process. Basically, blood is drawn at a time prior to the procedure, and it is used to make a gel-like substance called platelet rich fibin matrix. It is then reinjected into the wrinkly spots, and smooths wrinkles by expanding the skin.

Given the many developments in cutting-edge dermatology procedures, almost anyone can look younger without undergoing invasive plastic surgery. Whether one chooses laser resurfacing or a vampire facelift, he or she can achieve the most effective results of cosmetic surgery without the discomfort and recovery time.

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