Skin Care 101 Tips To Help You Protect Your Skin

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The largest organ on our bodies often gets the least amount of attention, but our skin is an important part of our overall wellbeing and looking after it is about more than just looking good. In the three months prior to a recent survey, just 35% of those in the 60-plus age group used skincare products to fighting aging. But given that by 2018 the U.S skincare industry is set to top $10.7 million, there is still growing industry in cosmetic solutions for skin care.

For the average person, skin elasticity changes throughout life, declining by an estimated 0.55 to 1% per year. Professional skin care products work to maintain the skin’s natural elasticity which is vital for youthful looks and to help the skin repair itself. Thinning skin is also an age-related problem. It can be addressed by opting for products containing peptides, which as smaller proteins that stimulate collagen production have the effect of thickening the skin.

Another skin care issue that increases with age is the appearance of age spots or uneven pigmentation which can increase by as much as 20% as a result of air pollution such as traffic pollution, and which can also cause wrinkles and deep lines. A good skin care routine applied regularly can assist to minimize these effects.

Serious skin care includes sunscreen; sunscreen protects against the effects of the UV radiation that reaches the earth’s surface even on the cloudiest of days. Apply every day, reapplying when necessary every two hours such as when you go swimming or have been sweating a great deal. Sun protection is as much about health as it is about beauty as repeated unprotected sun exposure have been linked to the risk of sun cancer. Sum damage can also accelerate the signs of aging.

Cosmetic solutions for skin care should be gentle to further protect the skin. For example, opt for a gentle moisturizer and exfoliator on your skin rather than scrubbing round your eyes and removing the essential oils which help to maintain the health of your skin.

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