How Can I Get Rid of Head Lice Naturally?

Treatment for lice

After months in a school where students continued to pass the pesky problem of head lice back and forth between classmates, your daughter’s kindergarten teacher came up with a plan for how to get rid of head lice naturally, and avoid getting it herself–she wore a short, heavily gelled hairstyle. She also became acutely aware of the signs and symptoms of lice in children:

  • The irritating itch. Because lice are parasites they can be passed from one person to another through personal contact and through the sharing of clothing items. Some children with head lice might exhibit constant itching of their head as they try to deal with the irritation of these parasites.
  • Unexplained tickling of the scalp. Again, because lice are living things, their movement through your hair and scalp can almost feel like your entire head is tingling or tickling. This symptom that is not quite an itch, will often cause the infected person to rub or shake his or her head.
  • Sores. If the infected person itches enough, the constant itching can actually create open sores that are easily visible on the person’s head.
  • Sleeplessness. Both adults and children alike may find themselves especially irritable if they are constantly waking up at night to a difficult to ignore head itch.
  • Red bumps. If not treated, the louse eggs can actually cause red bumps that present on the head, on the neck or shoulders, and, even more alarming, in the pubic area.
  • Nits. This name for the egg stage of lice presents itself as very tiny white objects in the the hair. Actually attached to the the hair shaft, nits are very difficult to remove.

Although both exhausting and annoying, head lice are certainly not uncommon. So common, in fact, that some schools no longer even bother to inform families if children in a particular class have been sent home with head lice. Unfortunately, because all an adult louse needs is a food source, you can actually have lice in your house and not know it for as long as 30 days when the nits begin to appear. Before you know it, you are faced with the fact that everyone in your family also has head lice. The result is you have to deal with the pillows, the sheets, the bedding, the clothing, and even the stuffed animals and hair brushes that also have been infested.
In this situation, the best possible solution is to contact a professional company to find out how to get rid of head lice naturally, without harming pets and small infants. In most cases, the problem quickly becomes so great that it is nearly impossible for the average homeowner to solve alone. Thinking that the problem will take care of itself is a disastrous approach. Because females can lay as many as six eggs a day, the short lifespan of this parasite is overshadowed by the constant laying of eggs. Perhaps the most scary fact is that 25 states have reported lice that are resistant to over the counter treatments.
If this article has you standing in wonderment, itching your head no less, about how to get rid of head lice naturally, you should immediately contact professional lice removal services.

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