Signs Your Foot Pain May Need Medical Attention

Foot pain remedies

Foot pain is an extremely common condition that many people experience everyday. Like other forms of body pain, such as a stiff neck or back pain, this discomfort can be caused by a variety of everyday stressors, ranging from uncomfortable shoes to frequent periods of standing. These cases can typically be treated by a variety of pain relief products, including pain patches and medication. However, foot pain can also be the sign of serious damage to your feet or a medical problem. But how do you know if your foot pain needs medical attention?

Do You Notice Any Damage to Your Achilles Heel?
This area is commonly injured by runners and other athletes and the damage can take many forms. For example, Achilles Tendonitis, which is characterized by a mild ache, tenderness or stiffness in the back of the leg or heel, is typically simply a sign of overuse of your leg muscles. While Achilles Tendonitis can be treated at home with a doctor’s supervision, don’t take this problem lightly: in some cases, the tendon can rupture partially or completely, which will affect your ability to walk and will often require surgery.

Are You Experiencing Pain or Loss of Motion in Your Joints?
Your feet are a common site for bone spurs and bunions, which can cause severe joint pain and restrict the natural movement of your feet. While bone spurs are typically only found through an X-ray, bunions can be identified as a bony bump that forms on the big toe. Bone spurs will need to be removed, while bunions typically only require treatment to reduce pain levels and improve mobility.

Do You Suspect Arthritis?
Arthritis pain is a common cause of discomfort throughout the body, and foot pain can commonly be caused by this ailment. Typically caused by an infection at the joint, which eventually wears away the bone, arthritis comes in several forms and can make it difficult to move. While there is no cure, patients with arthritis often need to see a doctor to reduce inflammation, treat pain, and possibly even replace the joints.

Are Your Feet Numb or Tingling?
A condition called neuropathy can occur as a result of nerve damage. This is usually a side effect of diseases like diabetes, infections, and metabolic problems, but can also be caused by injury or even exposure to toxins. For this reason, if you believe that you may be experiencing neuropathy, you should see a doctor immediately.

Do Your Feet Look Deformed?
There are a number of small bones in your feet, making it possible for people to break or fracture them without realizing the cause of their discomfort. If you notice a change in the color or appearance of your skin, unusual heat, and severe pain and difficulty walking, visit a doctor as soon as possible.

With the many possible causes of foot pain, it can be difficult to determine whether or not you have a serious injury or problem or are simply experiencing daily wear and strain. If you have mild to moderate foot pain with none of the serious symptoms described above, you will likely be fine after applying a pain relief patch or taking some medication. However, if the pain continues or worsens, see a doctor immediately.

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