Make Sure that Disabled Individuals Receive Proper Care with Special Tires for Wheelchairs

With about 10% of the global population living with a disability of some sort, there are many individuals in need of wheelchairs, and tires for wheelchairs are able to provide a great deal of mobility and assistance. Disabilities are often related to so many other problems, including the fact that they tend to make about 70% less annually than those without disabilities, along with the fact that about 20% of the world’s poorest individuals have disabilities. Considering the care and equipment needed by those with disabilities, this is a great challenge.

Mobility for the Disabled

Many individuals need a wheelchair to get around on a daily basis. Some additional features for these wheelchairs are needed for some people. These may include anything from special tires for wheelchairs to calf straps or other special additions including side guards for wheelchairs, and much more. Even beyond the wheelchair, there are other self-care items like the shower chair for rehab, folding wheelchairs, and more.

Tires for Wheelchairs Needed in the United States

At this point, about 3.6 million Americans over the age of 15 use a wheelchair. That means the need for special items such as calf straps for wheelchairs, footrests for wheelchairs, tires for wheelchairs, and others must be replaced regularly. With these additional costs, it is troublesome to believe that these individuals tend to earn so much less than others.

Personal Care Services

Other programs help to serve disabled individuals, whether they are in permanent need of care or are facing rehab from an injury. There is often a great challenge for every disabled person, no matter whether it is temporary or permanent, especially if they are not able to get the income and health insurance that is needed for their daily care. Home health aides and other services are able to provide veteran services, disability services, elderly care, adult day care, in-home day care, and much more. Even more than caring for the person in need of regular or special care, there are the specialty tires for wheelchairs that can help provide the perfect transportation needed on a daily basis.

While there are many disability centers that can provide wonderful care for those in need, it is important that the millions living with the need for wheelchairs are able to keep the proper equipment for daily mobility.

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